Sun Trine Neptune: It all just feels like a dream, but what do you dream for?

The Sun is your heart. It’s your creative force. It’s what you want to bring into the world because it feels good.

Right now the Sun is in Scorpio, which is all about intimacy, healing, and connecting to true empowerment.

You find the most happiness through deep connection, releasing, and moving through the depths that life is currently offering you.

Neptune is your soul. It’s the spiritual side of life, what you don’t see but rather, what you feel. It’s your subconscious. It’s your dreams. It’s your manifestation.

It is the primordial waters in which you can shape your reality by planting the seed of imagination, visualization, desire, and possibility.

Right now, Neptune is retrograde, meaning the energy is shining inward. Things aren’t flowing as easily and it’s a bit harder to define what dreams you do want right now.

That doesn’t mean you can’t dream a dream, just that if you have to work for it, work for it. It’ll be worth it. By taking the time to be with your soul’s yearning, you get to craft what you manifest with more consciousness. What you create gets to touch your soul on a deeper level.

What do you want? Are you afraid to get specific? Are you ready to face those fears?

This energy is in Pisces, which is all about the soul too.

Trines are harmonious flows of energy. You don’t have to put much energy into them to get the aspect flowing, and when it flows, things are great!

With the Sun creating healing and Neptune calling you in to dream deeper, you are finding yourself faced with the opportunities of shattering your limitations.

The things that tell you nope, not good enough, you can’t do that, you’d be crazy to think you could do it all start to fall away.

You start to surround yourself with people who remind you that you really can do it. Rather than your relationships triggering your wound, they get to start reflecting your gems.

The benefit of this transit is a long lasting one. Being able to feel good about your dreams, being able to connect to your inner power, that will gift you today, but it will also gift you for many tomorrows to come.

Trines are usually easy, so working through this one will be too, but I invite you to dive into what Neptune is asking from you, and let the Scorpio sun energies heal you in the process.

Great things come from the energy work you do today, so enjoy the process and the rewards.

Suggested Action Steps:

  • Create a Vision Board
  • Create a Pinterst Board for the New Home, Career, Wedding, Project, ect, You are manifesting
  • Write out your perfect day, making it as detailed and as long as possible
  • Look for examples that it’s possible
  • Use EFT or Tapping to work through any fears
  • Journal about your relationship with asking for too much
  • Create a list of reasons why you being taken care of is good for everyone

    Work with me:

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