Fear is Not Your Natural State. Love Is.

Fear is not your natural state. Love is.

Support is. Expansion, growth, ease, and being fiercely you IS your natural state.

Say it with me:

“I accept and honor love as my natural state.
I release all fears that keep me away from who I am.
I love me and I know I am endlessly supported.
I open up to and welcome my support with loving arms.”

Fear is something we learn, and it’s not something that serves us. Fear is what keeps us playing small, keeps us stagnant, keeps us in pain, keeps us feeling lack, lack of love, lack of freedom, lack of confidence, lack of bliss, lack of connection, or lack of anything else you are so ready to open up to.

Take some time today, to close your eyes, take a few deep breathes, feel into your root chakra, ground your energy down into the earth.

Then, ask your guides to flood you with the feeling of support.

And, you do your part by letting down your barriers keeping you from feeling that support.


You are supported.

Do you feel it?

Do you let yourself feel it?

Or do you need some help with that process?

When you do let yourself feel it, how good does that feel?

What do you want to do, now that you are supported?

Not how, but what.

The How is where your support and guides come into play. The What is up to you.

Decide your what, and then go for it. No fear, no lack, but rather, trust, love, and support.

You are supported, but you have to go first.

Go where you are called. Leap where you are called, and enjoy the bliss that comes with being divinely you.

There is truly nothing like it!

Want to talk to me all about your whats, hows, fears, love, and support? How to relax into it all? Book a reading with me! https://knowyourvibesastrology.com/readings/ And remember, fear is not your natural state. Love is.


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