An Unconditional Love Letter to Aries

Dear Aries,

Tunnel vision, direct channeling and connection to your head, to your focus, to your action, and to your heart. All other sensations and stimulation closed out.

You are giving birth to something right within you that you need to witness. That you get to witness. That only you can witness, and it needs to be seen.

Not just seen, born, created, paved, carved, trailblazed. Pulled out of you and danced through you.

There are no footsteps to follow where you are heading.

You are exploring the unexplored, but this is you.

This is your identity, you are who is unexplored.

And so you give birth to you anyways. Naturally brave, naturally courageous, it’s an instinct.

You know nothing other than figuring it out, running into surprises, filling yourself with a jolt of adrenaline as you move yourself through life, creating the way with each and every step.

Run, beautiful Ram.

Dance, laugh, enjoy, explore, conquer, not the world where people have lived for years, conquer the world not yet known. Not yet lived.

Your own world not yet known. Not yet lived.

I commend you for your bravery. Your courage.

For you, every day for you, you are nothing but honest, brave, and true. The Indiana Jones explorer, figuring it out, having fun, and enjoying the unconditional excitement and thrill of it all every step of the way.

Every tight spot and thrilling escape. Every gap leaped, injury taken, and loving moment.

There’s nothing like exploring and running and moving joyously through life, unafraid, not because there’s nothing to be afraid of, but rather, unafraid because there is no other world in which you won’t trust you.

Let that flame burn, and let the journey always continue passionately and beautifully, my Dear Aries.

Much Love

Katie Turner


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