Alignment: What is it and How Do You Use it to Manifest?

You hear it all the time in manifestation and spiritual circles.


‘All you need to do is be in alignment with what you want, and you will have it!’

‘Feel into it and make sure you are aligned with it all, if not, then it’s not for you!’

‘How do I bring myself back into alignment when I’m feeling off?’

‘I am SO aligned right now and it is feeling GREAT.’

But what does alignment really mean and how do you do it?

The Laws

According to the Law of Energy, everything is composed of energy! This has been backed by science as well. Nothing is actually truly solid, even if you perceive it that way. The energetic components are just that, energetic.

Taking this farther, the Law of Attraction says that you attract what is similar to what you are.

The energy that you express attracts similar energies.

Alignment is all about using the energy you are in consciously, making changes or shifts to attract what you desire based on the energy it expresses.

Alignment is defined as “a position of agreement or alliance.” To be in alignment means you have moved your energy in a way that it is is in agreement or alliance with what you want in your life, so the Law of Attraction can clearly bring it into your world.

But how do you actually do this?

Knowing The Energetic Imprint of What You want to Attract

In order to align yourself with something, you have to know what that something feels like.

The details play a big role, but understanding the energy of it is key, and that means learning how to feel into what you want so you can understand the energy.

You need to know the energetic imprint of what you want so intimately that you will know when you hit it and when you are off and so that you can use the imprint as a sort of compass.

To do this, visualization is the best practice!

Take some time to think of something you want in your life, a goal, a situation, an environment, a relationship, whatever it is, think about what you want.

Then, close your eyes and really feel into it.

How do you feel? What kind of person are you? What do you notice? What are your sensing picking up?

What traits do you have? What traits does your world have? What habits are you practicing? What habits have you let go of?

How have you transformed? How have you grown?

Take some time to navigate this world, really feel into it all, as deeply and as richly as possible.

Pay attention to what feels ‘off’ too. Sometimes when trying to visualize something, you need to make adjustments to your visual!

Every time I try to visualize my dream home, there is a huge part of it that just feels off! Location, layout, energy of it all.

This is telling me something HUGE.

It’s telling me that the location, layout, and energy I am currently focusing on bringing into my new home is out of alignment with what I really want.

It’s not what I really want, and so from here, I adjust.

I try new locations. I try apartments, lofts, houses. I try different energies, styles as well.

Maybe I even try visualizing a mobile home.

Which then triggers my fears of safety and security!

If I were to live a mobile lifestyle, I would absolutely need to focus on aligning myself with plenty of opportunities, clients, and safety along the way, so I add that into the mix!

Then I think about my man. How down would he be for a life like that? Well, he’d be open to traveling but he would need to grow a lot too!

So, I add HIS growth into my visualization.

But, thinking about it and feeling into it even more, living while traveling often, I’d still want a home base!

And that home base feels like it DEFINITELY needs to be somewhere around the Oregon/Washington area.

And feeling into that, I would be someone who is totally confident, has a great core, and can stand up for herself, hold her own completely and naturally if I were living there as my home base, traveling in the meantime.

It’s important here too, don’t worry about where you are now. We’ll look into that in a minute. Just focus on where you want to go. Where you want to be. 

Listen to what feels good and what doesn’t, and make adjustments!

This is co-creating what you want to align with your soul and it’s such a powerful practice.

Nobody wants to strive for something for years, finally get there, and realize: this isn’t the life I want. 

Tapping into your soul alignment right now helps prevent that from happening.

Adjust and move to what feels right instead. Don’t worry about changing the whole thing, or just changing bits and pieces. Feel it all out, and when you feel like you’ve hit it, take some time to really sit with it all. This is the energy that you want to align yourself more to.

Write down what you feel important to write down and then place this in your energetic GPS.

Starting Where You Are

Now, feel into where you are right now.

Chances are when you do that, your first instinct is to notice where you are misaligned with what you want. Where things feel off, wrong, or in need of change.

Hold no judgment for yourself.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

We aren’t born in perfect alignment with what we want, so you aren’t meant to be there now.

You are on your journey, and you are perfect right where you are.

But these places where things do feel off, those are the first steps to your destination.

Making tweaks, changes, and adjustments to your own energy to bring yourself into better alignment with the energy of what you want.

Where things feel right though, those are all worth celebrating.

The combination of both, where you are that is feeling right and where you are that feels wrong creates your starting point.

This is where it all begins. Accept this place totally and fully. You cannot transform what you do not accept otherwise.

Mapping out the Route

Now, take a moment to compare where you are to where you want to go. Remember, no judgment. Love yourself fully the WHOLE time!

Then, ask yourself these questions:

What habits do I need to pick up?
What habits do I need to let go of?
What kind of people do I need to meet or celebrate?
What kind of people do I need to let go of?
What traits do I need to cultivate?
What traits do I need to let go of?
What beliefs do I need to cultivate?
What beliefs do I need to let go of?
What energy work do I need to do, step into, and celebrate? 
What do you need to keep or maintain? 

The answers to these questions show you your next few steps. It shows you the bride to alignment with what you want. It shows you what you are building into your world between now and where you want to be, but it also shows you what to let go of along the way. It shows you what growth you need to focus on to bring yourself in energetic alignment.

For example, when I think about the difference between me now and the me who would feel totally confident and comfortable rocking a life full of travel while having a beautiful home base on a completely different coast, I know I will need to pick up the habits of bravery, goal setting, meditation, physical strength building, and learning how to network.

I know I will need to let go of playing it small and focusing on people pleasing to a fault.

I know I need to embrace the people around me who believe in themselves and believe in me, who have made bold moves in their lives.

I know I need to let go of those who maybe are stuck in limitation, who don’t believe that life can change for the better, or who are so stuck in fear of safety and survival that they never open themselves up to thriving.

I need to cultivate confidence, risk-taking, optimistic mindset, and tenacity. I need to let go of self-sacrificing traits, pessimistic traits, and any trait that keeps me believing I am less than I am.

I get to open up even more to the beliefs of abundance, worth, that it’s all possible, that I am meant to step into my bigger, that my partner and I can DO this! That safety is meant for me, but not with the stipulation that I have to clip my wings.

I get to let go of beliefs of lack, that I’m not worthy, that it’s all impossible.

I get to step into the energy work of confidence, of self-sufficiency and the art of receiving, groundedness, authenticity, enjoying life, and having fun with it all.

I get to keep being open-minded, I get to keep seeking connection to spirit, authenticity, and my true self. I get to keep being hopeful, looking for the way that works. I get to keep not giving up, and I get to maintain the self-love and self-acceptance I have worked so hard to build into my life.

Then, taking all of these answers, I now have things I can actively work on, work towards, step into.

And growing these things, that becomes my roadmap.

Your answers to these questions become your roadmap. Your answers show you where you get to grow.

Using books, coaches, sponge lists, meditation, personal development, and whatever else calls to you, these are the areas and ways you get to grow.

Then, in a month, two months, next week, whenever it feels right, check in with this process again.

Re-evaluate and make adjustments.

Keep growing, and have fun with it.

The road trip, the journey is 99% percent of the joy, of the fun. So have fun with it. 

From here, all it takes is taking the steps and growing in the way that best serves you. Being bold, brave, and stepping into the new.

Listen to your inspired action, and dance along the way!

Mixing in Self Love, Celebration, and Balance

Now that you have a game plan and you know you are taking steps in the right direction, if you are still feeling like you should criticize yourself for where you are, if you feel like you are undeserving of love, celebration, or a proper balance between rest and work in life, stop right now.

When you think about where you want to go, the you in your destination, chances are you love them right?

Celebrate them?

They have a proper balance?

They find happiness even in the little things?


Then these energies become part of your destination too!

Your answers to the questions up above should include growing and cultivating self-love, balance, and celebration!

To be in alignment with what you want is to be proud of yourself, in love with yourself, so excited and ready to celebrate yourself, so don’t sacrifice that for feelings of being unworthy.

You aren’t unworthy, that is apart of the old paradigm, and it’s no longer serving you!

Work hard to love yourself along the way, heal yourself along the way.

Be real and be empowered by where you are, who you are, and all that you are. It’s not a bad thing, in fact, it is a perfect thing.

So celebrate, dance, and enjoy all that you are. 

You deserve every ounce of it.

And through that, all you desire is coming your way.

Enjoy the journey, beautiful, and the destination is a given!

Want to Work With Me on Defining Your Destination and Getting into Alignment With It?

You have a couple options, feel into what feels right and go with that one!

  1. My one-on-one coaching program: Raise Your Vibes.
    Hands on and working with you through the practices that make the biggest impact in your life, connecting you to your happy, to your freedom, and to living your life purpose in a joyous and easy way. Click the link above to book a discovery call!
  2. My natal chart readings.
    Diving into the different components of you, validating, healing, celebrating every part of who you are according to what has been divinely written. Feel into it, these are usually best booked when the ‘feeling’ is there. And if it is, you can go here to book.
  3. Coming Home to You, a monthly group program co-run by me and one of my favorite people and intuitive coach, Jessica Sutter. This is a place where you can dance and be present right where you are, expanding, growing, forgiving, loving, healing, being, whatever you need. Each month, we show up and work with one theme that will be relevant to your own world, and we have a reading session, where we pull cards and consult the stars to share any guidance or messages that you may be ready to here. To join, go here: and then send me an email at with your facebook profile so I can add you to the group!
  4. Lastly, Love Letters to Myself. This is a free group co-run by me and Jessica where you have the space to write a love letter, or any other type of letter, to yourself each and every day. Whatever you need to say, you can say it here, and we will be there to hold, witness, honor, and love you along the way. Forgiveness letters are great in this group too!

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