Balancing in What Disappointment is Trying to Tell you With Your Reclaiming Your Bliss – June 15th Transits


Just days after a New Moon in Gemini, we have all, like little kids, tucked in our dreams for the night, planted our seeds, and have begun to await readily for their leaves to sprout through.

When they aren’t making any breakthroughs though, it’s easy to get discouraged and disappointed. Is it something you are doing wrong? Are you not good enough? Do good things just no happen and flowers just don’t sprout?

Is what you are wanting wrong?

Of course not!

But, it may have been that you forgot you are actually the seed you have just planted and the gardener too.

As a gardener, it’s our job to water the plants, make sure it has fertile soil, plenty of sunlight, and doesn’t get eaten up by bugs or anything.

But as a little seed?

It’s the seeds job to grow.

It’s our job to grow.

Ever heard of growing pains though? Growing isn’t always easy.

You have to stretch yourself, you have to be willing to step into a bigger version of who you are.

You don’t have to force things, and you don’t have to aim to be a 100-year-old redwood if really, you are a sunflower at heart, but if you are a sunflower, you better at least grow to be that sunflower!

Part of that is about finding the right balance though and that is exactly what we are being invited to do.

If I came at you telling you over and over again you need to grow, grow, grow, you aren’t growing fast enough, quick enough, right enough, or now enough, how much growth are you actually going to get?

How bright do you think your sunflower will actually be?

Chances are not much.

How much of your own inner voice sounds like what I just said above?

Are you getting disappointed with your lack of growth under all that pressure?

Of course there are people who really do well with a drill sergeant yelling at them until they are blue in the face, and at moments, you may find you need a temporary drill sergeant to get your butt into gear, but overall, you’ll find most people need some tender, love, and care too.

You have to put down the shouts, expectations, and demands.

Just ask the lonely CEO or businessperson who spent the first forty years of their life building their business only to get there and realize, they have no-one there to share it with.

You need a home, you need family, and you need love.

You need a balance.

This is what we are seeing right now through the Cancer Moon. The Moon, at any given point in time, shows us what energy is going to need our nurturing.

Cancer is actually ruled by the Moon, so guess what?
It’s our nurturing that needs nurturing.

It’s our foundations that need love. It’s our inner child that needs a big fat hug.

It’s our reflection of our past that gets to turn fond.
This is all super important too because anything we build in life is built from our foundations.

If we are trying to be the best sunflower we can be, we are going to have to slow down and give ourselves the love and care we need.
What are you trying to move away from, and how can you show gratitude to that part of your life instead of anger or resentment?

What is your body telling you? What about your soul?

Is it asking for your patience? Your care? Your heart or ear to listen to the wisdom and messages it wants to share with you?

Even if some of the stuff you are not feeling feels totally good, is there anything you can be grateful for?

What about gratitude for your emotional body to communicate to you when things aren’t right?
The anxiety and energy you are feeling in your stomach surely got your attention, and because of it, you now get to have the nurturance and care you really do need.

What are these feelings really guiding you towards?

Opposite the Moon, we have two powerhouses of planets, Saturn and Pluto, in Capricorn.

Capricorn is all about the building. It’s the future. It’s the pressure of time and our reputation and desire to build something that we can be proud of in life.

This can be something simple. For some, it may be a home. Others it may be a business, relationship, craft, skill, language, or whatever.

It is our growing our sunflower.

There is just something we are all shooting for, and if you are sitting there saying, well, I don’t know WHAT I want in life, maybe what you really want is a sense of fulfillment and knowing of your purpose, which, when targeted that way, can bring a lot of answers.

But Saturn rules Capricorn, and like we see in the Moon with Cancer, this amplifies the energies.

The disciplinarian of the sky wants us to build. It wants us to be better and do better. Next to Pluto, who can get quite obsessive, there can be a lot of fear of failing, of being a disappointment.

Of not being able to get that one house that you talked about right now, or about your business not breaking through in the way you want it to just yet. Or your sunflower not blooming now enough.
But sometimes, things just take time, attention, care, and a loving heart willing to listen and nurture.

When you want your little seed to grow you get to give it love.

Love is the foundation for growth.
Cancer, the Moon, they are the roots, and Saturn, Capricorn, they are the sunflower.

If you are feeling disappointed right now, check in with your balancing. Check in with your roots.

What do they look like? Do they need your love? Water? Attention? Fertilizer? Food? Compassion? Understanding? Patience?
And from there, when you give your roots that energy, check in with your flower, or your tree, or your bush, and see how it’s doing.

Give it some love too. Remind it that it can take all of the time it needs. There is no rush, and that you know, in perfect timing, it will be here in the most beautiful ways, and in the meantime, just enjoy the now.

Enjoy the process for where you are at. Enjoy the balancing and tending to you get to do. Enjoy learning how to break through the shell of your seed into your first green leaf. It may take you slowing down and really working through some fears. Grab a journal or do some meditative thinking if that’s your jam to get things out, and just see what comes up.

Whatever it is, you have the power to lovingly release it and often times, what we release, becomes the best fertilizer.

Happy Rooting and Lovely Growing


Need help growing your sunflower and listening to the messages of your soul? Come work with me!

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