A Message to the Wounded Moons

“We are born of love; Love is our mother.” – Rumi

This is a message to all of those who have a dark moon mother, the ones who deal with hades moon, hitler moon, or wounded moon.

The ones who have felt abandoned, hurt, neglected, criticized, torn down, abused, and desecrated.

You are born of love.

Love is your mother.

Your mother loves you, as your mother is bigger than all of this.

You have two mothers,

Mother Earth

And Your Earthly Mother

Mother Earth is the one who cares for you completely. She has what it takes to nurture you just as you need and more, helping you blossom with love.

Earth Mother is the one who is charged to take care of you as you get used to the world of life. She is not equipped to give you everything you need, as she has her own needs, she’s just equipped to help you figure it out on your own.

If you are a pretty smart kid, you may have felt like she wasn’t around in the way you wanted.

You are carrying on her legacy. You come from the roots of your ancestors, and try as you might, you cannot escape this connection.

You shouldn’t have to.

It should support you.

There is no need to exile your mother though, there is no need to cast her out.

No, no, no.

You see, when you have a complete and connected relationship to Mother Earth, Earth Mother is just a supplement.

You are no longer a child and you know how to seek out Mother Earth’s love.

The disconnect came from your lineage as well.

Those who are connected to Mother Earth know that Earth Mother is perfect in her own right. They know they don’t have to depend on her solely because the world is their mother.

But along the line a lot of us forgot to connect to Mother Earth. I don’t like bugs or getting dirty or going outside.

Mother Earth lives outside with the bugs and the dirt, silly one.

As you bridge the connection back though, as you build your bond in the now, you are healing your lineage.

It’s amazing how things change when you do your spiritual energetics. It’s amazing how relationships can transform, it’s amazing how there is no room for dysfunctional relationships on your road to success, and even if the pain never goes away, an understanding will always be met.

When the connection of resource comes from the grocery store, your job, and other human constructed structures, you lose sight of the role Mother Earth plays. The sun, the soil, the worms, the bees, the trees, the rain.

How it all shapes how your seed grows.

Plus your own work of course.

But when we think it is our boss who puts food in our bellies and the factories are what produce our nutrients, we miss the link.

We don’t see the role Mother Earth plays, and so we begin to devalue her. We tear her down, we deconstruct her, we abuse her, misuse her, criticize her, try to genetically change her, we neglect her, we do all the things we think our mother is doing to us.

You can stand upon Mother Earth and drop all of your pain into her, and she will take it and anchor it in love, grounding you to her for all of eternity, but you can’t do that and then walk away and then continue to desecrate and abuse her.

Who here has had their mother tell them they’ll do better only to be met with the same hurt and abuse over and over again?

How can we drop all of our pain into her for her to heal and nurture and love, and to allow us to grow from this and then spit in her face in disgrace?

We don’t value our mothers, and we vilify them.

We ignore their lineage, where they came from, what they have lived through.
We hold them to impossible standards, forgetting that their job was only to pass us the baton, and cheer us on from where she finished her race.

Just like her mother did for her. And her mother, and her mother, and to every single woman before you.

There is divinity in that, and there is healing in knowing that she has passed the baton and you get to run with it. You get to run as fast or slow as you want, where you want, and how you want, but it’s carrying on your Earth Mother’s legacy, and her Earth Mother, and her Earth Mother…

Honor that and cherish that.

It takes a lot of courage and honor to stand up to your pain and hurt and take sovereignty over it. To not allow it to hold power over you.

To look at the pain and the hurt and say yes I feel you but I hold you tight to my chest with love and we move through life joyously anyways, together, because you are a part of me and you do not block me or control me.

I am not afraid of the Dark Moon Mother because I am the Dark Moon Mother.

The dark moon child.

I am both, and together we find love.

Everyone in your life represents a part of who you are.

Your Earth Mother is all the love, support, and care you have been wanting to integrate into your life but don’t know how.

Where do you have Dark Moon Mother?

And when you see her in you, love her and witness her, let yourself be loved by her, do you see how the Dark Moon Mother in your own mother lightens up?

Perspectives shift, and even if it hurts and you don’t always want to get close, you can see the love.

Drop that pain in Mother Earth and feel the love.

Let your Earth Mother relationships heal, let your Inner Mother Child relationship heal, let your Dark Moon Mother come out of the shadows.

And connect to the Great Mother.

She is in all of us, she is magnificent, beautiful, and wonderful.

She is love.

You are love.

All that there is is love, and you my dear are born of love.



This is a piece I wrote for myself and then shared in a women’s circle I am in, after reading the Rumi quote at the beginning, and having it all flood through me. It is deeply personal, and my goal in sharing it here is to offer solace to those of us who have wounded relationships with their Earth Mother, too. Know that it is not the end, and your relationship can heal, as you heal your own inner mother within.

And to the Earth Children who became Earth Mothers, know you are perfect too.

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