Mars conjuncts Saturn: Calling in and Cultivating the Masculine

Mars represents the warrior masculine archetype. It’s action energy, self assertion, and self defense. It represents your identity, your life path, and where you walk into the unknown.
Saturn on the other hand represents the father masculine archetype. It’s energy is about raising you higher, showing up in a more responsible way. It’s about holding your integrity and honor and having ambitious plans about getting something done and rising to the occasion to make it happen.
Lately, these planets have been in Capricorn. Capricorn energy is ruled by Saturn, so we see the same themes play out here. The need to show up in a disciplined and responsible manner. The need to have the most honorable expression of energy especially within our masculine archetypes and expressions.
With Saturn going through Capricorn for the first time in twenty eight years there has been a huge shift to be disciplined and make things happen, to think more seriously on what you want, to plan more seriously on building your destiny, and to recognize the calling in you and how much you have to offer the world.
You are being awakened to your purpose and destiny.
This isn’t a time to play small, and this isn’t a time to play rashly.
It’s a time to be direct and intentional, to give a lot of thought and organization to the energy before you begin.
Capricorn is considered the most favorable sign for Mars to go through by traditional astrologers. Personally, I feel like this was based on the fact that society values people who work hard and this is a hard working placement, but either way it’s great energy to step into.
We have a path, we have a purpose, and with this Aries energy we have been feeling it one hundred percent, but we are disciplined about it, we have to be. Acting rash just won’t work because the doors aren’t open. We are serious about it, and we are in it for the long haul, and the doors are opening down that path, we are just walking our way to them.
We aren’t there yet.
If you haven’t already called in your masculine forces, this is a great time to do so.
But watch out for any tension or second guessing you may go through. We had the Sun and Mercury retrograde sync up in Aries yesterday that is currently squaring Mars and Saturn today.
Aries energy, pure Mars energy, is very impulsive. It has a fire and it goes after it. The energy of commitment, of making it happen comes later, but for now it’s just about jumping into that idea and throwing your momentum at it.
But Mars is in Capricorn and Capricorn squares Aries. The energy we have for just throwing ourselves all in is asking us to stop and consider the element of time.
Especially with Mercury retrograde here.
Things take time, do you have it in you to go all in right now, and if you do, how much good will that really do you?
How much more can you benefit from slowing down and giving your plans a bit of structure?
How do you need to break things down and see the big picture, the long game? When you see the long game, when you see what you have to do, what you want to do, what traits do you need to cultivate to get you there?
This energy isn’t only going to be about the physical things you can get done, but rather it’s about the refinement of the masculine energy too.
What masculine traits do you need to grow?
Is it bravery? Is it independence? Is it leadership?
Is it directness?
Is it honoring and listening to the feminine and working with her and not against her or alone?
What does your masculine need? Feel into this, and then work to bring that into your life right now.
Slow down.
What is something you can do right now to get you there?
You are going to feel a call into physical action. If nothing sings to you or no doors open with something you can directly do, grow these energies instead. It’s still physical action and it will still take you where you need to go.
Action moves you forward, and the anxiety you are feeling does want action, but it needs to be channeled and well thought out.
The planets are calling on the masculine right now to really put some thought into what he is doing, and the masculine isn’t just for men.
What are you doing? Stepping back and looking from the perspective of someone who has all the room to plan and no rush to get anything done now, what does the energy moving forward look like?
And what can you culitavate right now to better prepare you for that?
You can’t do the huge major steps you are wanting to right now, but you will be able to soon and when you can, go do them. It will be perfect timing and flow wonderfully.
But for now, ask yourself what do you need to grow in the masculine?
And then let it grow.
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One thought on “Mars conjuncts Saturn: Calling in and Cultivating the Masculine

  1. He there! Just being in a long transit in Mars/Saturn conjunct in Capricorn plus having mars in Capricorn in my natal chart resonates fully with what you describe here! The energy is holding me back to something new and wonderful, but it needs to be considered, planned and mulled over before it will start to manifest and evolve though! Exactly what you describe here! Wonderful to read and support me in magical ways!!! Thank you so much!!! Love and light Sabine

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