The Real Way to Create The Changes You Seek

Do you find yourself chomping at the bit at any and every idea that passes your way?

Only to bite at something, spend a fair amount of energy and effort on it, only to realize that this isn’t going to work for you?

And then you feel discouraged, and you wonder why nothing ever works for you. You just want to create something, do something so bad and it just won’t work!

And then each time a new idea comes up, you are just more jaded and weary. Can I trust this one? Will this be the ticket out?

Or will it just be another disappointment?

I’d like to make a bold claim here.

Your reality is a direct result of the vibrations you are putting out.

Your reality, the world as you know, see, and perceive it, is a direct result, meaning directly influenced by, the vibrations you are putting out.

The energy you are expressing creates the world around you.

This means three things.

For starters, it means your reality can and does change as quickly, suddenly, or slowly as you change your vibrations.

This means if you aren’t happy with something, you can change it. This doesn’t mean that it is always a quick change though. Smaller changes are easier to make quickly. Big shifts can take time.

Secondly, you don’t have to physically do anything to truly change your reality, besides change the vibration you are emitting.

This triggers a chain reaction, and from that point you may be spurred or called into action, but it’s not that action that creates the change, but rather the vibration that creates the action that correlates to the change.

The changing of the vibration is what is most important.

And lastly, when you set out to create your reality, it’s more important to clue into how the vibrations feel rather than how the physical details will play out and seek to bridge the gap from how you feel now, to the feelings you want to achieve and the rest will follow.

Your vibrations create your reality, so if you vibrate at the conditions that would create your desired reality, you bring in those conditions into physical manifestation.

How would it feel if you already had all you desired? How would you react, respond, feel, or act differently?

How can you start to feel those things now, before what you’re seeking even gets here?

Take a moment to feel into this right now.

Let’s try a little bit of an exercise, so you can physically feel what I’m talking about, if you  weren’t able to already.

Where you are seated, or standing, take note of how you currently feel. Are you slouched? Does your body feel kind of heavy? Does it feel like you need to stretch and crack a few things here and there?

Or do you feel well supported?

Feel into how ever you feel. There is no judgement here, no right or wrong way to feel, just how you feel and what you’re going to feel next.

So from where you are feeling now, take a moment to set both feet on the ground. Feel into the four corners of your feet. You may feel a bit of grounding energy activated just under the arches.

From here, tilt the pelvis up, opening up the root to more of the world around you and ground down. Feel the energy rooted into the earth, supporting you where you sit.

And then using your core as a supportive aid lift your spine up and straight, relaxing at the top.

Hold it up, but keep it flexible.

Then shoulders back, go ahead and roll the head a little bit. Stretch the neck, maybe roll your shoulders too, get some mobility.

And bring the energy all together, the grounding, the uplifting, and the mobility.

Take notice. How do you feel now?

Do you feel a difference?

This difference in energy will change the things you manifest. Go ahead and try it. Walk around the next hour or so holding this energy, and see how things change, the way you carry yourself, the way you interact with others, and the things that happen around you.

Now imagine walking around like that every day?

You may be surprised at what you are able to manifest just by trusting in this energy.

But imagine now, going from this elevated balance back down to the slacking energy. Shoulders hunched over, spine collapsed, feet and pelvis just wherever, and you don’t have to actually physically do it, but feel into what it would be like to walk around like that.

How do you think this energy will influence how you perceive yourself? Your world? What kind of things do you think it would manifest?

Not so wonderful, huh?

Now, step back into that fluid, grounded, and uplifting energy and keep the magic flowing.

Do you notice how quickly your vibrations changed?

You can harness the power with a lot more intention now.

Especially when it comes to the things you desire most.

That great big next idea you are searching for, what do you think it will bring you that you are so desperately after? What energies do these things give you?

Is is freedom? Value? Abundance? Security? Opportunity? Love?

What is it that you are searching for?

Spend some time really working with this question, and when you feel like you have an energy down, go deeper.

What would that energy bring you on an even deeper level?

Is it relief? Is it self approval? Is it redemption?

Now, how can you step into the frequency of I already have this energy. I already have what I need?

I already have abundance. I already have freedom. I already have value. I already have security. I already have relief, I already have my own approval. I already feel redeemed.

Vibrate at that frequency, and that is what you will bring in.

If you want change, real genuine, soul quenching change, that starts from within.

So start from within.

What do you want?

What do you really want?

And can you find it within you?

And remember we are talking solely from an energetic stand point here. Because once we get here, and once we feel good, the intuition starts flowing.

The guidance, the road map.

The physical changes you need to make your outer world match your inner, but that doesn’t come until you get into the energetic sweet spot first.

The ideas that you can trust are the ones that come after you already feel good.

Not the ones that come from desperation. Tap into what feels good, follow your inner guidance, and let it flow and that’s how you will create the changes you seek.

P.S. Want to grab my Imagination Manifestation worksheet to help you tap into those feelings that make the things you want most happen? Send me an email with the subject line Imagination Manifestation and I’ll send it your way! 


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