Born On A Full Moon: A Life Of Creative Harvest

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Full Moons are times of harvest. In the monthly lunar dance this is the part where the moon shows herself fully. The light is at its peak. Symbolically the pregnancy of the Moon has reached full term and it is time for delivery.

Being born into this energy, your life is about the delivery, and the celebration that comes with that. It’s about experiencing this fullness in your own life, no matter what phase the transiting Moon is in.

If you were born right before the peak Full Moon, you will probably experience more of that buildup energy. The energy has not yet peaked and released, but it is very nearly there. There may be at times an anxiousness to finish things before they are truly ready. It helps if you release the control here, focus on the energy you do feel, the energy of the almost, and trust that the universe will take care of the rest. Being born before the Full Moon doesn’t mean that you won’t experience the delivery of your creative endeavors, just that when you do, it’s because you put your focus on the right before moment and energies and you let the rest work it’s magic.

If you were born under the exacting of the Full Moon, right when both the Sun and Moon are in the exact same degree, you will experience more of that popping of energy. The release point. The delivery. This of course doesn’t mean you won’t experience the build up or the come down, you will, but what you feel most is that peak culmination.

If you were born right after the Full Moon peaked, you will find that you deal much more with the afterbirth and aftereffects of creation and culmination. It’s more about okay, now that you harvested what you set out to harvest, how do you celebrate and honor that harvest? How do you relax? How do you lean into what you have created and in a way, how does it feel to be on the other side of this creation, on the other side of the doorway? You are still dealing with the birth, but in a completely different light than before.

From an aspect point of view, Full Moons are a time when the Sun and Moon are in opposition. An opposition creates a polar relationship between the two planets. Both the Sun and Moon are on the same axis, but on opposite ends. While there is a common theme at heart, the approach is completely opposite.

Intuitively and logically, it would be safe to say that this kind of polar approach to the same energy can create some tension. If you were born on a Libra Full Moon for instance, and you had an Aries Sun, you would be dealing with the axis of self, but between your self defined through others (Libra) and the self defined through the self (Aries).

As a result, there is a huge need here to create a conscious sense of balance between the two energies. Aries needs it’s independence and Libra needs it’s relationships, so how can you create a life that holds space for both? Here, it would be important to make room for relationships in your life because the need for them is an inherent part of who you are, but it is also equally important to find relationships that honor you and give you plenty of room to do your own thing. When you find this balance, both sides can be pretty happy, and the equilibrium helps give you a sense of peace and everything runs smoother.

Even if at times you have to rebalance and readjust, each time you do, the harmony will help you feel good in who you are.

It’s also interesting when you have Sun and Moon in opposition because both of these planets are luminaries. The luminaries are the two planets that aren’t actually planets at all, but rather sources of light in the world and in your chart.

The Sun is the source of light that lights up your day. It is the source of life in this world, and without the Sun shining on you in the way it does, you would seize to exist. Because the Sun is the light of the day, it goes on to form your own day time persona. It’s who you are when you wake up, get ready, and embrace the world.

The Moon on the other hand, is the reflection of that. The Moon doesn’t actually have it’s own source of light, but rather it receives it’s light from the Sun and reflects that to you. It comes out mostly at night and though it is always there, you can’t always see it. The Moon as a result represents more of a reflective part of who you are. A part of you that comes out at night, when you are more vulnerable, raw, and focused more on being at home, taking care of your needs, and feeling comforted and safe. You are creating and being on a more internal level.

The Sun becomes Masculine light when looked at like this. It’s light is coming straight from it out into the world, just like masculine energy does. Regardless of gender, masculine energy, something we all have, expresses outward. It’s very direct and very much what you see is what you get.

On the other hand, the Moon becomes feminine light. It takes in and reflects outward, just like the feminine does. Of course, you have both feminine and masculine energy inside you, so you will experience both, but looking at your Sun and Moon shows you how this interaction occurs.

Because your Sun and Moon are in opposition, you have a relationship between your feminine and masculine light. They are on the same wave length, they are dealing with the same themes, they just have opposite approaches to these themes. To get the most creative power out of both of these forces, it’s important for you to highlight both of their strengths and allow them to shine together as one, for one overall intention. You can still break them down individually and celebrate them that way, but not without forgetting the overall why at hand. What do you want to create, how do you need to feel, and how can you create both your desires and needs together?

It is common sometimes with this placement for you to feel like your emotions are over the top or out of control. With time, it will help to see them more as a needed form of expression of how you feel and what you need. Your emotions aren’t always going to feel like something you are consciously creating, and this is especially true if your feelings are coming out during the day. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t an inherent part of who you are though. It may not make you the happiest to deal with them, but it will help you feel secure and grounded, and if that has been an issue lately it’s probably because it’s time to really tune in and listen.

What is it you’ve been feeling like you need? What is it that has been blocking your creation?

Have you slowed down and listened to this voice.

The Sun is what we create, it is the life force, but the Moon is the one growing in pregnancy. The Moon is the vessel in which your creations are delivered, and she must be honored.

Tune into both sides. Ask yourself what you want. Ask yourself what you need. And find the way that takes care of both. That is your truth path.

As a Full Moon baby your life may feel like a beautiful, creative mess, but it’s also birth, and birth is rarely ever clean. What it is, is real, just like you. So be real.

Are you ready to take more action with this energetic back and forth? To create and comfort in powerful ways?

Want help with that?

Come work with me where we can talk about and work with this energy you are feeling, and so much more.

I think you may surprise yourself with what comes up!

Love and light and amazing creation!

Happy birthing

Full Moon Energies:

Aries and Libra deal with independence and compromise.
Taurus and Scorpio deal with personal value and intimate value.
Gemini and Sagittarius deal with the student and the teacher.
Cancer and Capricorn deal with the home front and the career front.
Leo and Aquarius deal with the heart and the head.
Virgo and Pisces deal with reality and spirituality.

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