Why ‘I’ll do it Later’ Is Keeping You From What You Want

If you’ve ever dived into anything philosophical or esoteric, you’ll probably have come across the idea that the only thing real is this moment.

And if you think about this too much, it might be a little scary as the entire notion of space and time collapses all around you, but if you take it for face value, it’s very true and where there is truth, there is something you can apply in a positive way.

The Past

The past is a collection of stories or events that we have heard or have lived through that has shaped our subconscious beliefs about the way the world works. We can change these subconscious beliefs as we start to consciously work with the way the past influences us in the present, but for the most part, we just go off of what we have seen and learned about the way the world works.

For instance, you may have learned that you have no influence on reality. Reality is just is, and it’s your job to grow up, get a good job, start a family, and then… retire and die.

But as you get older, you can start to let go of that belief and take on something new. Perhaps the notion that life is an amazing ride and adventure and is best lived when you let go of anything tying you down and just let your soul lead the way is more your style. Good, go with that.

But, if you are the type of person who doesn’t really challenge the way you view the world now because you are too busy trying to relive the past, you keep the good times stuck in the past.

Creation follows your words, your words reflect your energy. When you speak in past tense, you are tying creative energy to the past. I miss those nights, they were so magical. I used to be so skinny, I miss my old body.

Do you see where your energy is going?

Into missing things and not having them!

The Future

I had a roommate in college who really introduced me to the concept of leaving burdens for future me. I used to do this before, but I just called it procrastination. This was back when I had deadlines I had to meet though. I had to get that paper in by midnight on Friday, so I would save writing it until Friday morning. Or finish a quiz before my 8 am rather than just doing it the night before. It was easy to just push the things I didn’t want into the future.

Now, I don’t have a GPA to motivate me. I have nothing but my own desires and dreams on the line. And, instead of writing essays that don’t make me happy, I’m working on something I completely love. So now, more than ever I have to be cautious about delaying things for future me. Putting things off, good or bad, for future me.

Sure, some things are going to come for me one day and they will be great, but also a lot of things are coming now. And if I want to create them now, that I can’t just keep saying someday.

When you talk in future tense, you are delaying action. You are delaying energy. You are delaying what you want to manifest. You are putting what you are manifesting into the future and leaving it there.

Your momentum is going into waiting, not creating.

I’ll finish the post tomorrow. I’ll meditate tomorrow. I’ll clean the house tomorrow. I’ll launch tomorrow.

Oh, that’s great advice! Thank you, I will do that later!

Why not now?

If you are always going to be doing it later, it’s always going to come later, and when you are sitting in the now, you may find yourself pretty disappointed at all that has yet to come.

The Present

Really and truly, the present is that moment you have to actually shape things. If you’ve dabbled into the law of attraction at all, you’ll know that the energy you put out in the current moment is what is attracting your current reality.

If you are currently talking in future tense, you are putting all the things you want now into the future.

If you are currently talking in past tense, you are putting all the things you want now into the past.

If you are talking in the present tense, you are a putting all the things you want now in the present.

Even if some shifts need to happen first, they are happening in the present, as you speak. As you move your energy towards the direction you are going in.

And honestly, sometimes the statements you say aren’t exactly true to begin with, but through speaking them they become true.

I am smart. I am talented.

Well, maybe you didn’t think you were smart or talented before so you never were, but now when you are saying it like that and you feel smart and talented, you start thinking, hey maybe I’m better at this than I thought.

I am smart. I am talented.

You start doing things you didn’t think you could do with ease. The solutions come easily too you. You feel right at home in what you are doing.

I am smart. I am talented.

I am rich. I am wealthy. I am free. I run my own successful business. I am a great communicator. I am loving partner in a beautiful and loving relationship. I am healthy.

Maybe you don’t feel all those are true yet, but the more you keep saying them, aligning with them, and acting like they are true, the more they become true.

You do have to shift your energy into what you want, but that happens in the now.

Whatever it is you want to say, say it in the present tense just as you want it to be, and the rest will follow.

Your actions will follow, your energy, your beliefs, all by taking charge and leading in the moment, truly, all we have to work with to make things happen.

This doesn’t mean don’t plan and don’t reflect, just, when you really want something now, make it happen in the now. Affirm it and let the energy follow. Don’t delay it and don’t keep it stuck in the past.

Put it in the now.

Whatever you need, let it follow.

Breathe. Be present. And let it all flow.


Act. Change. Shift the momentum and your energy where you want it. When it shifts back, do it again.

Keep this up, and you will create what you want.

Keep this up, and you are creating what you want.

Even a small change goes a long way.

What are you creating, right now?


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Lots of love!



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