The Value Of Taking a Break

pexels-photo-554609.jpeg“Come on, you guys!”I say to you as we continue hiking up the trail. You’re tired. I’m tired, but we push a little harder and we keep going.

And you start to get worried that you’re going to get burnt out. Can you even make it up to the top in the first place? Oh no, maybe you bit off more than you can chew. Okay, that’s it, you’re going back down-

“Alright you guys, good work. Let’s stop here and rest a bit. Eat some snacks, drink water. Cool off and recharge.”

Oh- that sounds so much better than going back down now.

You decide that you think you can do this.

So you rest, you eat, you drink water

You feel really, really good.

You’re ready for the next step.

And I say “back up the mountain again!”

And off we go.

But then you notice that while you have the energy now after recharging… you’ve been walking all day and honestly you really aren’t enjoying yourself anymore.

This isn’t fun, and now you’re wondering why you are even climbing this trail in the first place. You now know you can do it, but what’s the point?!

Should you just go back down again?

“Okay you guys, there’s a beautiful meadow just over here where we are going to stop and set up camp. There’s a lovely little lake near by as well. It’s crystal clear and gorgeous.

pexels-photo-289472.jpegWe’ll all come together to set up the tents, then I’ll get started on the cooking and fire with whoever wants to join me. Meanwhile everyone else is free to go and enjoy themselves. Paint by the water, sit by the campfire, lay in the meadow and soak up the sun, read a book, do yoga, breathe, sing, dance, go for day hikes.

Whatever it is that is calling you.

We’ll be here as long as you want to be, so whenever you are ready to move on, we’ll pack up and get going again.”

And so you do what feels right for you. You don’t feel so rushed. You actually feel excited. You put down your pack. You take a deep breathe. Maybe you turn and talk to those around you and you decide to set up a card game by the stream.

Or maybe you find a quiet spot by yourself and listen to the birds sing.

Whatever it is, you feel good. This feels good. And you enjoy yourself.

You take your time. You don’t feel pressure. You just recharge, free.

And then whenever you are ready, whenever you feel right,

I’ll say “alright you guys, we’ll leave here in the morning. Pack up everything you can before you go to bed, and we’ll take down the tents and cook breakfast in the morning before heading out. I can’t wait until we get to the next site. This one has a perfect view of the most amazing waterfall and flowers everywhere. Isn’t this journey so amazing?

Are you ready to go?”


Now, where you are going to, your final destination is up to you. Some of you may be going towards a degree, or your own business. Maybe it’s a house, a family, a loving partner. Maybe it’s creative expression. Maybe it’s a not for profit. Maybe it’s a whole bunch of things.

Maybe you are walking alone and not in a group. Maybe you are walking with a loved one. Maybe you are walking with your friends. Maybe you are leading the pack.

Whatever it is, you are on your way.

And you are doing a wonderful job.

But life isn’t only about where you are going. Life is also about the journey. Life is about the parts you enjoy- and you can enjoy all of it if you want to.

Don’t be afraid to take breaks. When ever you need them. Whenever you want them. Resting is so important. Having fun is so important. You could have spent years in that first campsite if you wanted to. You could have spent one night. You could have stopped five more times along the way. The pace doesn’t matter. You will always get to where you want to go when you are ready, but sometimes where you want to be is just enjoying the journey.

That way, when you get to where you want to go, you can look back and not only be proud and say “I made it! I always knew I would” but you can also say “What a ride!”.

You don’t have to be a work horse driving yourself to the bone every day. You can and absolutely should enjoy the journey.

It’s like a road trip (for those of you who don’t like hikes 🙂 ) Sometimes the best parts aren’t the destination, but the trip there and back.

So please, don’t be afraid to take the breaks you need in your life. Don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses. Don’t be afraid to let time just pass you by. Don’t be afraid to soak in the sunlight, paint and channel Michelangelo by the stream, or to dance and sing, or play games, or celebrate, or laugh, be merry, whatever it is you want to do.

Or, if you are afraid, at least don’t let that fear stop you on your way to greatness and don’t let it stop you from enjoying the right now, because truth be told, that is where your greatness truly lives.

You create with each moment. And the most real thing we have is this moment. Live this moment like you want to live your life- and your life will become exactly what you want to live.

Have faith, follow your heart, and enjoy the ride,


p.s. if you want to work with me and have me help guide you on this journey, my prices are going up January 1st! Email me or message me on facebook to book! You book by sessions. Sessions are one hour long and use an eclectic approach to get you where you need to go, and are full of love and support. ❤

If you have any questions, please let me know!


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