Why Just Clearing the Negative Energy is Not Enough and What You Should Do Instead


As someone who is sensitive to energy, chances are you know when you, your environment, or those around you are picking up on something dark- and it seriously gets to you.

As a result, you may have invested time, energy, and sometimes even money into clearing out these heavier and negative vibrations.

I’m talking black tourmaline under your pillow, burning black candles all around you, saging tf out of your home, cutting cords, seeing healers, and burning lists or letters.

Don’t worry, I do all these things too and they are really great practices to have, but it’s not simply enough. These practices are only the first step, and if you don’t want to just keep repeating and repeating and repeating the first step, you have to make sure you move on to step number two.

What You Are Doing When You Burn Your Lists

Anytime you use a cleansing technique to clear you, your environment, and other people you are essentially sending the negative energies away. From there, the universe, angels, higher beings, whatever the heck you believe in and actually work with will take that negative and turn it into positive, but what about what happens within you?

What is happening is the energy is leaving, but now there is an empty space that is like a vacuum. It’s going to draw something in to fill it back up.

And it’s usually whatever energy is closest to you.

So if you just cleared out negative vibrations about your worth and the childhood hurt you had about being pushed to the side and then you visit your family and childhood home for Christmas dinner the next day, you are going to find yourself flooded with everything you just cleared, but rather than it being gunk from the past, its gunk from the present reminding you of and bringing back that gunk from the past.

So you keep healing, and it just keeps happening.

What To Do Instead

The solution is actually really simple here. As a part of your cleansing ritual, integrate a moment to fill yourself up with light and to invite whatever you believe in to turn that negative you are releasing into something really positive.

Take control of the energy that is around you, the energy that this space takes in to fill the vacuum like effect that has been created.

As you burn your letters, fill yourself up and surround yourself with light. If you don’t know how, close your eyes, take some deep, slow breathes, and then imagine yourself being flooded with this light. The feelings usually flow from there. Feel or see it coming in from your crown Chakra, like a waterfall of light. It may be purple, gold, white, silver, or whatever else you need. Maybe it’s blue to help you speak up for yourself as you clear old mental wounds, or red to ground you as you clear childhood wounds. Yellow to encourage self empowerment and excitement. Whatever light you need, flood the cleared space with that light.

As you do this, ask your guides, angels, the universe, or whoever or whatever you work with that are already cleansing this energy to please really, really take the goodness that comes from this up a notch. As many notches as possible if you are feeling bold. They will listen no matter how big you dare to go, and as you fill yourself up with this light, it will start to show almost immediately if you breathe and allow it to. You may have to train yourself to notice the changes (read: gratitude exercise!), but they will be there.

Then, just check in and maintain. You can add protection elements. I like to call on Archangel Michael to walk with me or ride shotgun, Tigers Eye or Black Tourmaline are great to have around as well, or whatever else you feel called to do. The idea here is you cleared, you replaced with light, so this will help keep it away even more. That way, if you do this and visit home, you are better protected and the negative vibes can just roll right off of you.

The most important part is you replace with light though.

You will still have more things to clear. There are lots of things we keep hidden and buried within, and that is completely okay. Just remember to clear lovingly then replace with love and light. Chances are as you replenish with light more and more (don’t worry, I still forget to do it sometimes and find myself going over the same hurt until it’s like duh- Katie! You forgot to replenish with what you DO want!) you’ll find it easier to move through things and you have to work through things less and less, and it all just becomes… lighter.

Things become easier, your healing becomes freeing, and there is more joy to be found.

Try it out, then let me know in the comments what you think. ❤

Love and light,


2 thoughts on “Why Just Clearing the Negative Energy is Not Enough and What You Should Do Instead

  1. You really make it seem really easy with your presentation however I find this matter to be really something which I feel I would never understand. It kind of feels too complex and very large for me. I’m looking ahead to your next submit, I will attempt to get the hang of it!


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