Why ‘I’ll do it Later’ Is Keeping You From What You Want

If you've ever dived into anything philosophical or esoteric, you'll probably have come across the idea that the only thing real is this moment. And if you think about this too much, it might be a little scary as the entire notion of space and time collapses all around you, but if you take it [...]

The Value Of Taking a Break

"Come on, you guys!"I say to you as we continue hiking up the trail. You're tired. I'm tired, but we push a little harder and we keep going. And you start to get worried that you're going to get burnt out. Can you even make it up to the top in the first place? Oh [...]

Why Just Clearing the Negative Energy is Not Enough and What You Should Do Instead

As someone who is sensitive to energy, chances are you know when you, your environment, or those around you are picking up on something dark- and it seriously gets to you. As a result, you may have invested time, energy, and sometimes even money into clearing out these heavier and negative vibrations. I'm talking black tourmaline [...]