The Tension and The Relief – First Quarter Moon Conjunct The South Node

There has been a lot of pressure put on you from a very young age. It’s okay to breath now. I promise.
As the Moon syncs up with the South Node during it’s transit through Aquarius it will be very easy to feel inadequate.
You are not inadequate.
You are fully capable.
You have all you need right in your own back pocket.
Your hands are capable of shaping the world of your dreams.
No dream is too big.
Yes you can have it all.
And it all starts with your hands.
But right now you don’t feel this way. And it sucks. 
But you will soon.
This tension is only a temporary tension, as are all hard transits.
Two weeks from now the Moon will be syncing up with the North Node during it’s transit through Leo and we will all be feeling at the top of our game, ready to break through even more. 
And then again.
Two weeks later.
We’ll be back to this feeling, but things will also feel different.
You will have grown.
And it will show.
Even if you feel stuck right now. Even if you feel like you aren’t making progress right now.
You are.
Take a moment to look back and imagine another time in your life when you felt stuck.
Got it?
For me it was always summer breaks when I was younger. I wasn’t very social so I didn’t have many friends and I just didn’t do much. I always felt so gross, like I was just wasting so much of my life not doing anything.
There was a lot of just sitting around, waiting for the school year to start, literally just burning hours and time like it was nothing.
Even though I didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing. I just didn’t know what else I should be doing. It didn’t feel like nothing to me.
And now fast forward to today. And I feel like I don’t have enough time for the deadlines that are set and it just seems impossible to me that I will be ready.
And I need a moment to rest. But it brings back these old feelings of wasting valuable time. Where before I was unsure of what more I should be doing, now I am aware.
But I need a break.
I feel stuck. I’m not sure what to do. And so sometimes I do nothing. Just try to focus on the greatness of life, and it does work well.
But then those feelings come up again. “You’re wasting time again Katie. You have things you need to be doing.”
Even my dreams are focusing on going over the plans.
I’m ready to live more freely.
And I know I will. Sooner than I think too.
These feelings are only temporary.
But this is just a part of the cycle.
And something you probably feel too. Whatever it is that is coming up for you.
Less than a week ago I was texting my best friend every hour or two with a new break through I uncovered, on mindset, on my projects, on life, on happiness, on me.
And before I know it, I’ll be back in that place again.
Now let’s go back to your stuck moment. Remember when you got out of it?
You weren’t exactly sure how you did it.
You just did what feels right.
And then bam. One day it just hits you.
You made it.
You aren’t stuck anymore.
Feel that? Doesn’t it feel great?
For me, I meet a really cool kid at school, who happened to live just down the street from me.
And so I spent most summer nights walking around our neighborhood with her, looking up at the stars and talking about life.
And I never felt more at home or at peace in my life up until that moment.
Now I have topped it, but in that moment. I was at a new and wonderful peak.
And when you think about when you started to feel good again. When things were picking up. You were making progress and finally felt like you had a reason to celebrate. You felt at your peak.
You’ll know that the feeling you are experiencing right now is only temporary.
This fall is temporary.
You always have a reason to celebrate.
And you will get through this.
But for right now.
If you feel yuck.
If you feel like you aren’t where you are meant to be.
I can’t stress it enough.
This is only temporary.
Life is a cycle.
And in every cycle there is a peak.
And there is a fall.
For every up there is a down.
Focus on you. Focus on letting you shine and being who you are.
Things will get better. Things are getting better.
Enjoy yourself, and you will see this.
P.s. The cool kid I met at school all those years ago was the best friend I was texting two weeks ago, and today, and always.
Sometimes people are the best reminders of our growth through the ups and the downs. Your long term relationships will show that.
Happy days are on their way. Happy days are here today.

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