The Flow Of Energy in the Birth Chart

Each house represents a “chunk’ of who you are. Your third house chunk represents your mental activities, grade school experiences, your community, ideas, and hobbies, among other things. Your seventh house chunk represents your relationships and the style you take, your partnerships, and the ability to make deals, to make compromises. And your eleventh house chunk represents your social groups, humanitarian ideals and issues, connections, networks, and innovative ideas.

Understanding what sign each house is in helps too. A person with Gemini on their Twelfth House cusp will approach all things subconscious, spiritual, and solitary in a social, creative, and mercurial way. They probably enjoy talking things out, but at the same time, they have their own hidden mental world where they can play out their imaginative and fantastical thoughts in an unexposed way.  A twelfth house Aries on the other hand, will approach all things subconscious, spiritual, and solitary in an independent and brave way. They may feel like a pioneer exploring their spiritual side and do well when they trust their gut in action. They may also have a very active soul and can express their desires and passions through their understanding and use of energy.

But you can also look at the flow between houses and how the transition between houses changes the flow of interpretation.

A Seventh House in Capricorn individual works hard for their relationships and finding balance. They tend to find mature lovers, and are very mature in their own dynamic, but when you move into the eighth house of deeper intimacy you find Aquarius, which means when it comes to connecting on a more complex level, they tend to be very uninhibited and a little daring in what they will experiment with, but this is only because they have worked hard to build the relationship out of integrity. They are more free to connect in unexpected ways, but at the same time, they may also be taken off guard by loss. They work so hard for a relationship that when it ends, it can seem unexpected. They aren’t usually to held back by this though, and can see the higher purpose of death and loss and move on quickly.

Someone with a fifth house Mars, sixth house Sun, and seventh house Venus and Mercury will see a flow from who they are, how they organize themselves, and the balance they seek in others after they have found their flow. The fifth house is the heart and creative force, with Mars this person would be active and independent in who they are. And with their Sun in the sixth, they find joy in turning that energy of themselves into something that can produce great results, grow and improve, and create a healthy and organized lifestyle. This will then serve them well when they are ready to move into relationships of the seventh house, where they enjoy balance and harmony and good conversation, because rather than being fiery but without direction, they already have a healthy relationship with growth and progress.


Another way to look at the flow in a birth chart is not the spacing of houses and planets through the houses, but the spacing of multiple planets in one house.

Someone has the in their ninth house Pluto on the cusp, Jupiter right after that, and Venus towards the very end. The ninth house is pilgrimages and journeys that bring adventure, wisdom, and truth. It is wide ranging and can be represented by higher education or world traveling, or even staying at home to dive into a deep and interesting book as an at home scholar. With Pluto at the beginning of the ninth house, they would find great transformation right when they dive into something new. There will be great growth where they change in a way that there really is no going back, but this would also be apart of their soul’s destiny.

With Jupiter shortly after this, by experiencing any loss and transforming through the release, they will find immense luck and opportunity. They will gain deep knowledge, all because they allowed this great change and learning to happen. As they carry this beneficial energy with them, and gather more knowledge and resources, they are preparing to shift into the tenth house career energy, turning what they learned into something to offer the world, but before they are completely ready, they still have something to learn through Venus, the planet of other people.

They would often go through a journey through others, often towards the end of their overall journey, and may even meet their long term partner at the end of an adventure or in their final years of grad school, however it is, they will learn to balance their ideals with others, and gain knowledge and experience through relating to them. Taking their transformations and luck and turning it into something that can relate well with others. After they master this, the energy is ready to move into the tenth, with things becoming much more ambitious and hardworking, taking their dreams and making them a reality.

Another way of tracking the flow of energy is through transits. moving through the houses, both direct or retrograde. Lets take for example Pluto transiting the twelfth house. It has been there for a long time and is now almost at the end. Pluto represents deep transformations. It moves slow and takes time purging and releasing what is ready to go, and welcoming in what it is ready to give birth to. Through it’s movement in the twelfth house it clears out the spiritual, the subconscious that is ready to be gone. This may be a hard time for someone but as they turn inward and reflect on who they are, their soul, energy, and what they want they can release what no longer serves them.

Going into the first house, it is about taking these new desires and letting go of old baggage to start a new cycle, giving birth to new ideas and bravely putting them into action. When Pluto moves over this point, there might be a crisis of identity, as the way this person acts on their desires and begins new desires changes. The old way of acting no longer works, and they must change their way of doing things.

But then Pluto goes retrograde, and back tracks back into the twelfth house again, and now the native finds themselves once again purging from the soul what is ready to be released, and chances are they needed this returning to the soul. What really do they want? What do they really need to let go of? Then, when Pluto goes direct again and moves back into the first house, they will have a better idea of what they want and can embrace finding a new way of going about it and making it happen. Their way of moving through the world, and their motivation behind it completely changes, and they can embark on a new journey of empowerment.

Where have you been feeling a flow of energy lately? Has Saturn been moving back and forth over one of your planets? Do you have a stellium in the third house that needs breaking down to help understand? Leave a comment about what is going on 🙂 water-195926_1920

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