Saturn Retrograde Update – The Final Hoopla!

With Saturn retrograde coming to its close it’s time to really give it our all. Saturn goes direct on August 25th and has been retrograde since April 6th.
Saturn puts a form of restriction on us. We have something we want and we want it bad, but Saturn puts blocks in the way. You want it bad and Saturn wants it done right, so it pushes you and pushes you until you get it right. It wants you to take a noble, refined approach. This is about career stuff, not weekend projects. Saturn is all about delayed gratification and nothing about instant relief. Saturn wants you to work hard now, show how bad you want what you want, and put in the best of the best to get it. To put time and effort into it. It puts obstacles in front of our biggest desires, and we become such stronger people for pushing through and going the distance.
Or, if you find yourself not really wanting anything too bad Saturn may be telling you to grow up and testing anywhere you depend on others to take care of you. Saturn wants you to take care of yourself, and it’s going to wean you as harshly as it takes for you to listen. It doesn’t have to be harsh if you do listen, but if you don’t Saturn will not be easy. Saturn is about stepping into responsibility and adulthood. It seeks and rewards maturity and discipline, not immaturity and laziness. We are coming to the end here, and the lessons will be tougher than ever if you aren’t ready to move on.
Saturn has been in Sagittarius for the past two to three years, so you’ve probably have heard this before, especially from me, but Sagittarius rules the big picture, our vision. Right now, Saturn is putting all the tests he has on our vision and our perspective. Where are we heading? What all do we want to do? And what have we been experiencing and what is this teaching us about life? Sagittarius energy is so much about synthesizing the knowledge we have gained into something bigger, and applying that to our world. Sagittarius is our life philosophy! So, what have you learned and what is your philosophy? What is your vision and have you been coping when reality hits well? Do you adjust and overcome, or do you cry and stay blocked? Saturn is going to put tests in our way, and when we have such great Sagittarius visions, these tests SUCK! But true to Saturn’s nature, we hold the power to overcome them, it’s just a matter of putting in the work, getting, real, NOT letting go of our vision, but going the extra mile to get there. Not missing one step, or leaving one stone unturned. Doing all that we need.
When Saturn moves into Capricorn in December, this is where all of our hard work will pay off, or all of our lack of action will really come back to haunt us. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and a lot of it’s energy is about the same things as Saturn. We all will be focused so much more on our career and our hard work, and the things we learn now, the things we build now, will be what we build this career energy on, so it’s so worth it to make it right.
Saturn has been retrograde for quite some time now, and when a planet goes retrograde, the energy goes inward. The planet is moving backwards through the zodiac and so a lot of the energy is directed towards redoing stuff in the past. Reworking what we didn’t really give the best of our focus in the past. We have to spend a lot of time and energy on this, and end up having less force to move forward. We can still move forward, but we have less energy to do it, so our steps have to have more impact. We have to narrow in our focus and take more care in being sure of where we are going. This doesn’t mean we have to shorten the scope of our dreams though, just that we need to narrow in on what it is we truly want, and build out from there. There may even be some reworking of dreams, but the size should stay the same, if not get bigger. Nothing about this Saturn in Sag wants you to reduce your vision, just take it up the next notch, or ten notches. Whatever feels real and needed to you.
And sense that has been our focus since April, that is what a lot of us have been doing, or trying to do. We’ve all been trying to narrow in our dreams, not let go (and I’ve ran into a lot of people ready to give up, please don’t give up. The world needs you to push forward), and keep going. We’ve all been trying to build something wonderful, and we can all do it, but it’s just takes more energy. It’s been harder and we have to be more calculated in our moves.
This is a good thing though, we can make more specific and greater progress, and that is so much better than wandering around not really knowing what road to take, but kind of knowing what direction we should go in, only stumbling forward. This is a time of HIGH progress, if you tune in.
As Saturn is almost done retrograding though, it’s movement is getting slower and slower. We are starting to spend even more time with energy then we were a few months ago, and we are starting to take an even closer look at what’s going on. What are we really, truly trying to build, what is our vision, and how are we going to do it. This is the last time we are going to take this backwards look into this energy and then we will be moving full steam ahead, so if we want to really get this right, if we really want to build something solid, we really, really have to give our energy right now our all.
So, whereever Saturn is for you (check what is at 21 Sagittarius, and what house this is in), really give it one last push and make it happen. Don’t give up, find a renewed sense of energy, focus in and narrow down your physical real path, don’t lose sight of your vision, your vision is your blessing, and get to work and make it happen.
If you do this work, your visions will come true. Sagittarius energy expands whatever it is dealing with. Saturn is lessons, its restriction and learning how to work for something, so right now, we have to work really, really hard. We have to put in expanded effort in making things happen, being retrograde, this is coming from an internal energy, but Saturn also rewards those who do their work, and with Sagittarius’s expanding power, the rewards can be so, so rewarding. As long as we do the work. So do the work!
Don’t give up. Your dreams are so possible, you just have to work so hard for them. And I can’t stress that enough. Uplift, then hustle. Uplift, and then hustle. Uplift, and then hustle. We’re making it happen, please don’t give up.
You know the final moments in the race? Where you are almost done and you just find this sudden burst of energy? You start running faster and harder, and even though five minutes ago your ribs were hurting and you just wanted to lay down and be done, but now here you are and it all feels effortless. You just push, and push, and push, until you make it and you are done!
Be inspired by that energy. We aren’t running, we are building, so there’s a different vibe there, but be inspired by that final burst of energy, the final hooplah, and give everything your best effort right now, like you haven’t been ready for it to be over the whole time last month. It’s almost over, you’re almost done.
How exciting!
Are you ready?

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