Uranus in Aries Square Cancer Sun, Stepping out of our Comfort Zone to Step Into Our Paths

The Sun squares Uranus tonight, it is time to bring our heart to the universal shifts and go with what serves us, not with what stalls us.

The Sun represents our heart, right now it’s in the tail end of Cancer. Cancer is all about emotional security and our comfort zones. While the Sun is shining on Cancer’s domain, our focus has largely been figuring out how to shine in a way that makes us feel secure.

Uranus, on the other hand, represents huge shifts and changes of consciousness and thought. It’s an awakener. At times it can feel like earthquakes wreaking havoc on our homes and our lives, but ultimately it’s just trying to shaken things up so we don’t get stale. Uranus wants us to continue moving forward, making progress, but sometimes we get stagnant, so Uranus inspires us to get up and move again.

Right now Uranus is in Aries. Aries is about our identity and self expression. It is passionate, at times hot headed, but at the very least brave and bold. Aries does what Aries wants to do, and unless you have a really good reason why they shouldn’t do something, that’s just how they’re going to work.

With Uranus in Aries, there has been a lot of dramatic shifts in identity and our independent consciousness. Chances are, you’ve probably have been feeling an awakening of sorts of your path and your destiny. If you aren’t sure what your path is, you may be coming to that realization, or if you already had an idea, you may be getting some fresh clues that get you going even more direction and inspiration to pursue this new found calling. Even if you are well seasoned in pursuing your path, Uranus will still give you new directions to go in, new things to incorporate, new changes to make, and new situations to handle that truly make whatever path you felt like you were on, completely change into something new.

So, what works best for Uranus is going with these shifts. Uranus is an outer planet, and they tend to get more credit for shaping your life than the inner planets do, because of how powerful their movement truly is. This means, that at the end of the day, Uranus is going to pull you in this new direction one way or the other. It’s just a matter of are you willing to go with it? Or do you want to try to fight the flow?

This is where the square to the Cancer Sun comes into play. Squares are harsh angles, the two celestial bodies are 90 degrees apart, and the energy struggles to get along, big time. Unless we do something about it. The Cancer Sun is all about building up our light from the comfort of our own homes, and Uranus is asking for some big and bold shifts and changes. Are we going to be able to go with the flow, or are we going to get stuck in wanting something that isn’t in our best interest?

This doesn’t mean of course that we can’t still seek emotional happiness or security. It just means that we have to be flexible with how we define emotional happiness and security. We have to be willing to expand our comfort zones, and Uranus is doing it’s best to help with that. Cancer and Aries are both cardinal signs, the seek action and movement. We just have to be willing to act on our comfort in new places.

So please, let go of the energy that isn’t serving you. When you recognize you’re not living to your higher purpose, make the change to shift it. Don’t get caught up in the past and stall your growth and energy. You deserve much better than that.

This energy is amplified too, by the recent shift of Mars into Leo early this morning. Aries, the sign Uranus is in, is ruled by Mars, and Leo, the sign Mars is in, is ruled by the Sun. Mars is being influenced or influencing both sides of this square, so it’ll be important to use this energy to take action and find a relief point. Focus in on your path at hand. What is it that you are seeking to create? What movement or energy brings you closer to creating what you seek? What path are you currently pursing? And what will help you the most on this journey?

Go for that, pursue that, and stay away from your safety nets, because truthfully the magic is way beyond that. And who doesn’t want the magic?

If you need help identifying the shifts you are meant to be taking and how to let go of the emotional energy holding you back, send me a message and we’ll get together for a reading! And don’t work, I’m flexible. I’ll find something that works within your budget, no matter what that is.


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