July 14th: Are You Ready to Make Your Dreams Happen?

Early this morning (EST) the Sun and Moon trine, both in water signs, forming a wonderful energy for emotional security and emotional clarity that not only makes us feel grounded, but also can make us feel happy and hopeful.

Shortly after the Sun and Moon’s trine, the Moon does make a square to Saturn retrograde, so this could bring some internal tension, bringing the mood down a bit. Chances are you have a dream for what you want to build, but you don’t exactly know how to build things. Don’t let this make you too paralyzed in anxiety, rather instead allow it to push you harder towards working for your dreams. Good things take hard work, and the friction here is just what you need to really make things happen. Take a moment first to clear your energy, meditate and get loose, and then look at your big picture. What do you want to get done and is there anything you need to change to get there? Chances are you’re going to have to make a few tweaks here and there to make things work, but doing so will do you wonders.

About midday, you may get a nice burst of energy that’ll leave you feeling pretty active as the Moon trines Mars. This is a great time to capitalize on the shifts you made earlier, and to start actually putting them into action. You now feel grounded and secure, and can make the big leaps you need to do so with ease. This is some good stuff right here.

For the last major aspect of the day, around dinner time Mercury will sextile Jupiter. Mercury is our mindset, while Jupiter is our perspective, so right now, there is a really good flow here. Whenever you catch yourself being negative or putting yourself down, take a moment to step out of your routine and look at the big picture. Things are a lot better in reality than what things look like up close, so it’s okay to celebrate. Things are actually doing pretty awesome, and paying attention to that will do you wonders. This is also a great aspect for creating, searching, or spreading information from a truthful and loving perspective. Figure out your message, what you want to communicate, how you want to do it and then do it! Share your truth, and watch as the world listens. Or, if you are in search of knowledge and truth yourself, put your ear to the wind and allow the world to whisper to you. And things will be a whisper, so be sure to listen closely and take what you hear with as much importance as a shout or a yell!

Lastly, the Moon moves into Aries early tonight. Aries is the beginning of a new cycle, so rev your engines and get going! You’ve put a lot of work into getting everything ready and now is the perfect time to take the first step into making things happen. Feel the passion, the drive, and get rolling.

Life is about living your dreams, and I hope you find everything you need today to make that happen.

Enjoy your day!
Lots of love,

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