July 13th Horoscope: Step into the Veil and Transform

The Moon is doing some powerful things today!

The day starts out with Moon in Pisces squaring Venus in Gemini. There may be some struggles to communicate your inner needs to your partner, or to understand what your partner needs, but there is also some great intuitive energy that you can utilize. Rather than getting upset over the struggle to express, try to feel things out, leading from your soul and using your intuitive power. From here you will be able to find better clarity on how you feel and how your partner feels, which then opens the door way for an easier time communicating. All you have to do is translate the energy you are feeling into words, and then share those words with another. And if you aren’t sure of something, ask. Give your partner, or yourself time to work through the answer, but you won’t know if you don’t ask.

Later this afternoon, the Moon will sync up with Neptune, both conjunct in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces, and together this energy, plus the Moon, is what sets the tone for the intuitive vibes. Pisces energy is very diffuse, not very easy to define. It’s something you have to feel out rather than see. Right now, we may get a lot of comfort from diving into this part of our lives. Getting in touch with our soul, something we can feel but can’t see, is key here. Pisces and Neptune are great for refreshing the system, clearing out the negativity. So spend some time doing that, letting go of what is no longer energetically needed. This is also a great time to work on your manifestations. Take some time out to clear your energy and connect with what you want, and then do some energetic work to help you get there.

The Moon will actually sextile Pluto later tonight, and that will help a lot with the energetic work you are doing to help with your manifestations. Sextiles are positive flows of energy, but they usually take a little work, which you are already doing by capitalizing on the energy of the Moon Neptune conjunction, which is really like a portal straight to our soul. Pluto is where we destroy and rebuild, where we transform. Right now Pluto is in Capricorn, but retrograde. A lot of what we have been shedding is internal, especially how we shape ourselves out in the public, and how well this reflects our inner self. There has been a wave of seeking authenticity all around us, leaving us stripping our old identities and beginning to prepare to build our new ones, this time something more real.

Now is also a great time to use that portal into our soul to work with the Pluto energy. Both Pisces and Pluto represents whats hidden, but on different levels. Pisces is about what is hidden in the subconscious, the soul. Pluto is what is hidden in the psychology, on a more personal level. As you clear out and do your manifestation work, also spend some time healing any personal pain or fears you may have.

Things may feel intense, or heavy, but embracing that heaviness for all it’s worth is where the golden ticket is. Spend time alone, put you and your soul first. Say no where you need to. Right now, the focus should be on you. It’s not selfish, it’s needed. You can help other people another time, or they can learn to help themselves. Now is about you, so please honor that today.

Even if it’s just ten minutes or an hour, make time for you today. Step into your power, and learn to live your dreams. You deserve it.


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