Capricorn Full Moon – Stepping into Your Full Power

19702183_1374748432560345_4291906998449980294_nWe have a Full Moon coming up, this July 9th! It will exact early morning, so watch out for the buildup on the 8th.

Full Moons are a time of culmination. During the New Moon we set our intentions and desires, during the Waxing Moon we take action, and the Full Moon is when we make our harvest.

What are you going to harvest? 

The Full Moon is in Capricorn. Capricorn is known for it’s ambition and discipline, but it can also cover our careers, our public life, and our future goals and direction. The Moon represents our emotional security so right now chances are we feel really secure when we take actions to build a solid future, and we feel insecure when we don’t.

Conjunct this Full Moon will be Pluto, the planet of transformation and power. As you may have heard this is set to be a very important and significant Full Moon, one that is probably felt strongly by everybody. Pluto is a slow moving planet, so it spends a long time in each sign. It entered Capricorn in 2008 and will leave in 2023. To put it into perspective, the Moon will enter Capricorn midday July 7th, and will leave by early morning July 10th. Because Pluto move so slowly, it’s transformations tend to be a bit more evolutionary. Pluto represents big changes over a long time. Right now it is retrograde, meaning these changes are going to be happening on a much more internal level, rather than projecting outward into the world. However, if you ignore whats going on in the inside long enough, it may very well make it’s way out.

A lot of old stuff may resurfacing to be re-dealt with, maybe in the past we didn’t give these things the attention they deserved, and now is our chance to try again. We may have a harder time changing our external world and a greater need to transform our internal world, so continue diving inward to heal your pain and step into your personal power when you stumble into obstacles outward.

With the Full Moon conjunct Pluto, not only will we be harvesting from the hard work we’ve been putting in, but we will also be harvesting from the transformations we have went through internally, and what all we have let go of. How much have you grown, what have you released, and how does growth and release benefit you?

The Full Moon is marked by the opposition between the Sun and Moon, and the Sun usually shows you what you’ve been trying to build, while the Moon shows you your harvest.

The Sun right now is in Cancer, which is all about building something comfortable and securing. Cancer is a home body, preferring the familiar and the trusted, but it’s also a nurturer. Right now, the focus is on finding, or creating, a place for yourself that is exactly what you are looking for and exactly what you need.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is highly sensitive to her cycles, so this makes this Full Moon extra important. So, ask yourself what is it that you truly need and have you taken the necessary actions to create the freedom to have these needs met?

Also with the Sun is Mars in Cancer. Mars is very action oriented. It’s passionate and is willing to go above and beyond for what it desires. Right now, we may be VERY passionate about taking care of our needs, but Mars recently made an opposition to Pluto. Remember, Pluto is big and deep transformations, so there may have been something that has had to give in order for you to get what you need, or, there’s something that is about to go. What is it, and how can you show strength in it’s release? Whether it is internal or external, do not hold on to something that is bad for who you are, including people or relationships. Now more than ever it is important to invest in your own needs, and that’s exactly what this Mars Sun unit in Cancer wants you to do, it wants you to take care of your own needs, and be willing to fight for what you deserve.

Then, because we are still working with a Capricorn Full Moon also ask yourself what is all this work on the internal level going to do for you on a wider scale? What’s your harvest? What kind of grounding will it give you, and what do you plan on doing with it? What are your goals, and how are you going to take the gift you’ve given yourself through release and run with it as far as you can? What is the point? Ask yourself the hard questions, and be ready to give some really good answers. Focus on you and what you are building and where you are building it from.

If you did have to let someone go, it may discourage your sense of optimism around other people, but please don’t let it. Jupiter will be squaring the Full Moon from it’s position in Libra, so focus on the bigger picture and be sure to balance that in to help loosen the tension. What new freedoms have you found for yourself through your new found freedom in relationships and how does letting go of the old make way for a lot of great new? If you need to cry, go ahead, but for the most part, just focus on where you are going next, because that will be much more important.

Jupiter does for an inconjunction with Neptune, not exact, but in the same degree. Neptune rules your soul’s deepest desires while Jupiter rules your experiences and perceptive on the big picture. With an inconjunct, it can be hard for the two planets to really see and understand each other, so if you’re having trouble connecting the bridge of why this loss has happened in the grand scheme of what it is your soul wants and what you are working towards, spend some quiet time alone, seeking more clarity from your dreams and visions. Meditate with an open mind and let your path make itself more known, and then try to revisit your experiences in your relationships and see if you can make a connection. This should make things a lot more clear, and if not, spend some more time diving in! Neptune is retrograde, so it may take you going even deeper to find out what you need.

Also at play here this Full Moon will be Saturn. Saturn rules Capricorn, so what he is up to will have some influence. Currently he is retrograde in Sagittarius and we are having to work harder at maintaining our vision and staying optimistic. We have big dreams, and we may have been having some problems when it comes to manifesting them. This doesn’t mean that our dreams are too big, unrealistic, or bad, it just means they need some more work. Readjust your approach to focus on the big picture and the changes need to get you there.

Saturn will form an inconjunction with Mars by degree, and loosely the Sun. You may be finding it hard to actually act on your dreams and visions right now, making big career moves may be harder to do, partly because you want to act within your comfort zone but you have to step out of yourself to really make the big progress you need. Be open to expanding your comfort zone to really make things happen. How can you seek out your needs through exploring the world with more adventure? With the Sun and Mars energy being so important right now in the Full Moon, and Saturn ruling the Full Moon, it’ll be important these planets find a bridge. We are looking for results here, and of course with Capricorn that wont be easy, but finding a way to bring the comfort your looking for from the Cancer energies into the future you’re trying to build with Saturn will make things go a lot more smoothly.

There is a lot of energy going on this Full Moon, so try your best to not get overwhelmed. Keep your goals in mind, be willing to release and transform. Make space for yourself and be committed to your dreams. And, please, do not be afraid of making a really big move.

It may just be the best move of your life.

Embrace your Power

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