Neptune Goes Retrograde

Neptune went retrograde this morning!

Neptune is kind of hard to pin down. Its energy is diffuse, rather than concrete and defined. It rules the subconscious as well as our dreams, the things we tap into to understand a higher meaning of everything around us. It shows our soul, and what exactly our soul wants out of this lifetime.

Where Neptune sits, things tend to melt into a blurred veil of not knowing what exactly is truly there. Often times Neptune is associated with boundary issues or disillusionment, and part of this is because of how Neptune’s energy works. It’s not easily to decipher. It’s a mist. It’s blurry, it’s fluid, and it takes on the energy of whatever is around it.

Neptune often makes us blind, in a way that causes us to have to feel things out, not see things directly. How do things feel around you, what does your future feel like, your past, your emotions, your anger, whatever it is that is being touched by Neptune’s energy, try to tap into what it feels like, not what you are physically seeing.

Neptune often requires some work on our part. Because the energy is so deconstructed and influenced by the vibes around it, we often have to pull ourselves away from everything, spend some time alone. Take some time out to meditate every morning to start your day. Whatever it is you are doing, you have to clear out what energy isn’t yours, and what energy is. Figure out what it is you want, and what you think you want because of the energy around you, and dispel what doesn’t belong. Get in touch with your own truth and passion, no one else’s.

When a planet goes retrograde, the planet appears to be moving backwards through the sky. As a result, the energy of the planet shifts inward. We have to work harder to reach in, tap in, and pull out whatever vibes we want to pull out. Often times, that means we have less outward working energy to do what we want to do, because the planet doesn’t start giving us more energy to work with. It doesn’t give us less either, just it requires more steps to use, which as a result takes up some of the planetary force we have.

Neptune goes retrograde once a year for about half the year, so it’s actually pretty common to work from this vantage point, but basically for the time being until November 19th when it goes direct again, our normal ability to tap into our own energies, and to clear out the fog of what isn’t us and what is is going to need an extra step. Normally, you’re already going pretty within with Neptune, but now, to really find the answers you seek, you’re going to have to go even farther. Meditation may be harder, dreams may be less obvious, but the more you work to pursue these energies anyways, the more you work hard to tap into your soul, the more your soul will have to say to you.

From an outward perceptive, retrogrades suck. But when you look internally, they give us time to re work something we may have already over looked, and that’s actually invaluable. As Neptune moves backwards, it’s going to cross over energies it’s already touched on. We are going to have to re-work what soul stuff we’ve already been doing. We are going to have to dig in deeper to what we are focused on, and be more clear with ourselves in what direction we truly want to set our life.

Neptune can help us paint our biggest fantasy, our greatest vision board, and then it’s up to us to take the needed steps to make it all a reality, but right now, we may have to re-evaluate our vision. Does something that rung true to you before now have a more negative feel about it? Maybe you need to cut that out and re-work the direction you want to go in. Does something new pop up pulling you deeply? Maybe it’s time to work in this new desire to make it truly happen. Or, are you not really sure what you want or don’t want? Then, maybe it’s time you spend some time getting to know yourself and what you want a little bit better.

Neptune rules manifestation. Its our ability to connect with the universe’s higher power and create the realities of our dreams, but right now, the ability to manifest may be a bit softer. Spend time working more intimately with this energy, narrow it down to what is your bare minimum that you want to manifest, and then get to work. Make a to do list for the universe, practice your faith, and take the real steps you need to make things happen.

Often times though, we can get so caught up in our Neptune vision that we forget we are living a real life which may not look like what we want. Beware of getting disillusioned by this, or using escapism techniques to avoid any big responsibilities. Work with Neptune, not against it, and take care of what you can as well. Make your own to-do list, of things that you know you can handle and that you don’t really have to ask the universe for help, and make your steps. Neptune will bring you what it is you desire, you just have to be prepared to meet it halfway.

If at all you get discouraged, disillusioned, or confused during this transit period, take time to tap into your soul. Meditate, breathe, spend some time alone. Get in touch with who you are, and let go of who you are not. And after that, if you still need help finding your way, seek out a trusted guide, someone who can read your energy without projecting their own desires on you. This will help you seek clarity without picking up more energy you will later have to clear, which is probably exactly what you need. And if you aren’t sure who you can turn to, I’m always a message away.



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