Self vs Other: Astrology Transits

With the Sun in Gemini, our spotlight is on our words, thoughts, and communication. 

This is joining up with Mars, who’s already been in Gemini, making us self-expressive through what we say. 

To add to this, we have the Moon in Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, so right now, our emotional nature and needs are syncing up with what it is we desire and where we have to assert ourselves. 

Take the time now to communicate clearly and effectively what you need to say, but if you get caught up in your anger..  


Breathe and take some time to think before you speak. Our words can be harsh now if we aren’t careful, but with Mercury in Taurus right now, if we take the time out to think, we won’t say something we will later regret.

Take some time to carefully think about your message. If you’re mad, ask yourself why? How can you clearly and effectively communicate this to who ever you need to communicate it to in a way you’ll be proud of later?

We also have Saturn in Sagittarius, and even though it’s not a exact opposition to the Sun or Mars, this energy is going to need to be balanced in. Keep in mind the big picture of what you want out of your relationships. Make sure you keep this perspective in mind when you communicate your needs. Is there anything you may actually need to compromise on yourself?

To add to that Jupiter is in Libra! So we need to balance this in as well. What is it that your relationships are teaching you and how can you incorporate this knowledge into your own path and self direction and how you assert yourself along the way?

The goal isn’t to discourage you from being clear with others on where you draw your line either, the line is to be exceptionally clear. The urge to address certain problems is important because you need to make some adjustments in balance you currently have in your life, but there is also a lot of forces reminding you that if you go slow and do this right, you’ll go a lot farther than anywhere you could imagine.

Good luck! I know standing up for yourself can be hard for some of us, and thinking of others can be hard as well. But just breathe and remember, you got this. 

Or, if you need to talk about what’s going on in depth, send me a message. We’ll work it out!

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