Scorpio Full Moon Horoscopes

There’s a Full Moon in Scorpio tomorrow, folks, and here is your Horoscopes! You can read them for you Sun sign, Rising sign, or Moon sign as they may all be relevant to you. Or, if you’re looking for something specific, try your Venus sign for love or Saturn sign for career!

Balance is going to be a big theme for all of us this Full Moon, balancing the insight we find through others with our own independent path, but also balancing what we need to let go of with what we need to keep.

Aries: These full Moon themes will be very direct for you! At first you may be feeling exceptionally alone right now, but please don’t get discouraged, Aries. Stand firm in your worth and always know your true value. You are starting a new journey of not only intimacy with others, but of intimacy with yourself. Spend some time alone during this full moon to really feel whatever it is you are feeling on a deep level. Let it all flow, and then once it’s done, release it into the air, and know that some really really good things will be coming your way soon. Just keep walking your path just like you know how. Honor your values, keep your commitments, and make sure you are surrounding yourself with the best of the best, in terms of people, locations, and energy. You’re going big places and it’s time you really start acting like it, but first you must get comfy with the deeper parts of who you are and now is the time to do so. No one truly successful and fulfilled can afford to run from their shadow side, and that includes you.

Taurus: Wow are your relationships being highlighted right now, Taurus. You’re someone of high stability normally, but your partnerships always have a deep and powerful energy to them. Transformative in a way that only could be described as karmic. People tend to transform you down to the core with each relationship and connection, and right now, it may be a good idea to reflect on all those changes you’ve really gone through, what did they give you, and what do you not want to keep from these relationships, moving forward on your journey. If you’re in a relationship, spend some time after the full moon enjoying their company, but use the full moon to look internally first. You don’t want outside baggage getting in the way of a good thing, so leave that checked at the door. You’ll be so glad you did, and will be feeling so free.

Gemini: How has work been going for you Gemini? How about that daily routine? If things haven’t been going in your favor, ask yourself, right now, why not? What energies are you holding on to that is keeping you from the day to day life of your dreams? Do you still feel happy at your job? If not, this may be a great time to transition into something new. To let go of what’s old. Spend some quality time alone too, Gemini, you don’t need to for too long, but just enough to get in touch with what your soul REALLY wants for you, and what YOU really want out of life. Then, start getting to work taking the baby steps needed to build your reality around that vision. Clean house today, Gemini. Make some to do lists and set some goals for yourself. It’ll be so worth it. If you do like your job or routine though, keep it up. And maybe even invest a little extra in it. You may find a nice pocket of value there that makes you feel really connected, and really good.

Cancer: What brings you joy, Cancer? What makes you feel like you are having the most fun in the world, where you can express truly and fully all that you are, with no fears or restrictions? Spend some time engaging in these things right now, because chances are, you aren’t doing enough to really treat your inner child and to allow yourself to grow. If you have a partner who you can have fun with too, this is an extra bonus. If not, that’s okay too. Spend some time reflecting on who you are, and what makes you happy. It may also be good to ask yourself to reflect on your social relationships as well. How do these relationships support your happiness? Do they ever take away? If so, how can you make sure you’re putting yourself in the best situations to truly shine? It’s time to focus in on who you are and where your light shines best, Cancer. Go find these places. And make sure you are always growing towards the light.

Leo: What do your foundations look like Leo? Chances are right now you really want to build something strong and powerful, something that looks good, feels good, and really reflects your true worth, but first, it’s time to take a closer look on what you are trying to build all these good things on. Cause no matter how great your infrastructure is, if the foundations are weak, come the first high winds or unexpected force of nature, it will fall. This isn’t to make you feel doomed of course, just spend some extra time right now with yourself. Connect to your emotional needs, what makes you feel secure. What helps you shine? What do you need to let go of that is no longer serving you? How can you build a stronger understanding of the deeper parts of who you are, and how can this become the exact investment you need to take your life and career to the next level? To take that light of yours so much higher?

Virgo: Have you checked in with your thoughts lately? In an objective way I mean? Our thoughts actually have a huge influence on how we interpret the world, and the way we interpret the world often influences how we experience it. Are you experiencing what you want to experience? If not, do you think you’ve been investing in a more negative thought process lately? Always looking for the down side of things, like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, where good things are taken away? Cause now is the time to actually start thinking a little bit more positively. Don’t loose your sense of realism, cause that’s a very important trait for you Virgo, but instead, take a look at the big picture. Aren’t things actually a lot better than you’ve been thinking? Cause it seems so to me. Take some time during this full moon to do some maintenance and spring cleaning with your thoughts. Where has your brutal realism turned into unneeded negativity, and how can you transform these thoughts into a much more powerful outlet? How can you allow optimism and realism to mix and mingle into one?

Libra: This full moon is all about your self worth, Libra. How much of your value do you chalk up to your ability to connect intimately with others? How much value do you attribute to your ability to connect with yourself? Make sure you aren’t looking too much towards others to determine your worth, cause right now, all that power truly lies within you. And I know what you are probably thinking, you do want a good ,solid connection with another person, someone who is good, pure, and stable, but right now, it’s going to take looking at your own sense of goodness, pureness, and stability. Once you have cleared out what is no longer good, and have built something strong in you, you only leave room for someone just as stable and good to come join you. How fun, Libra.

Scorpio: How has walking your life path been lately, Scorpio? Are you finding your own power? Perhaps you’ve been going through a lot of what feels like death and rebirths, but hey, what’s new, right? This full moon in your sign will only highlight all the work you’ve been doing and what all has been purging from your life, so ask yourself are you letting go of the right stuff? Or are you stalling on some big changes? Are you transforming where you need to? Or are you trying to control and dominate with power? Cause right now, it’s best to go with the flow, and hold that power within yourself. Sometimes you can’t always control what happens, and you can never really control other people, but you can always control how you react to things, and right now, let this be your strength. You got this Scorpio. The world is at your fingertips right now, all you have to do is let it play.

Sagittarius: You’re probably working really hard to build a solid reality right now Sagittarius. The focus has been on making your day to day life good and a reflection of your true worth, but the problem is you may actually have some stuff flowing on the undercurrents of your subconscious that you really need to let go of. Spend some time alone this full moon. Really reflect on what it is you want on a soul level, and try to find that inner power you have. Maybe even dive into some of your fears, what is it that you are most afraid of? Why? Where are these fears coming from and how can you let them go? How can you recognize that this fear isn’t in your best interest. Even if your worst fears come true, how is being afraid going to help? The trick here is to be brave. Journey deep within, find out what it is you need to be brave about, then be brave!! I believe in you Sagittarius, but do you believe in yourself?

Capricorn: Have you ever heard the saying that you are who you hang out with, Capricorn? Cause it may be a good idea this full moon to check in with who your friends and networks are, and how they contribute to what you want to be and do in this world. You’re going big places, Capricorn, and honestly, it may not be a bad idea to let anyone go if they are no longer serving you. Keep a strong sense of self in all this too. Know your worth, and make sure you act on this worth. Plus, if you let go of the ‘wrong’ people, you may end up paving the way for the ‘right’ people to come on in. That sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? If you feel like you have a strong team behind you though, keep it up. Invest some in them today, and they may invest right back into you, and that’s totally worth it.

Aquarius: Aquarius, what does your discipline look like? What is it that you are working so hard to build? We all know you as the rebel of the Zodiac, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have big dreams and aspirations that require hard work and dedication out of you. Your focus lately may have been actually on building up your foundations, a strong and sturdy platform of self worth and inner value to build something extra powerful on, and lately, you’ve been doing a great job. But right now, you are getting called into focus on these career dreams. Are there any expectations of your future you need to let go of, transform, find a new power in? And how may connecting with others on a deep level help you in this? Intimacy is hard sometimes, but it opens up the doors to others investing in you, and this may be perfect for helping you bring to fruition whatever it is you’ve been working on lately, and that’s some good news

Pisces: Pisces, you’re the dreamer of all the signs, you know it, I know it, we all know it, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to bring your dreams into reality. And part of this means being realistic, and as much as it may hurt sometimes, letting go of any limiting beliefs you may be holding on to. This full moon, focus on the big picture. What does it look like to you? Not the big picture you want to be, but the big picture that is. Is it heading where you want it to head? If not, what beliefs may you be holding on to that are no longer serving their purpose? Let these go! They aren’t doing you any favors. Try something new, it could be really good for you. Spend some time learning about intimacy as well. What does it mean to connect deeply with others? With yourself? What does it mean to have a shadow side? To have an inner power? To transform? Let yourself discover the answers to these questions this full moon, and you’ll be so glad you did.

Happy full moon everybody! If you’re looking for some extra guidance, remember I’m always a message away!

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