Book Review: Make Your Own Luck, Success Tactics You Won’t Learn In Business School by Peter Kash

Who likes to read?!

I just got finished with this book, Make Your Own Luck, Success Tactics You Won’t Learn In Business School by Peter Morgan Kash with Tom Monte. 
And it was amazing!!! Even if you aren’t someone interested in business, there’s a lot of great gems in this one I would highly recommend. 
Here’s some of my favorites! 
On fulfillment and gratitude:
“One of the things my father used to say to me was that he knew the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants.’ “The Big difference between people today and those of us that grew up during the Depression,” my father once told me, “is that, today, your wants have become your needs.” A great many people today confuse the two, he said, believing that they ‘need’ every new product that’s advertised, as if it were important to their survival. As my father pointed out, that makes for a lot of frustration, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness. And all of it flows from a basic lack of gratitude for what we have.”
On failure:

“Failure made me examine my character and my soul like nothing else had ever done in my life. Who am I? I wondered. What are my strengths and, more important, what are my weaknesses? Where did I go wrong–not once, but twice? What deep-seated arrogance and immaturity propelled me to be so cavalier at precisely the moment when I had reached the pinnacle of my career? What should I have done differently? If I get another chance at success, how should I behave to ensure that my success will endure? What are my real goals in life? Finally, I wondered: What is the purpose and meaning of failure, and how should I react to it?”
And on needing the support of others:
“…No one is good at every aspect of his or her business. Real power and success come from knowing your strengths and weakness and creating a circle of support around you that maximizes one and compensates for the others.
One of the things I learned from my own failures is to hire people whom I perceive are smarter than I am–especially in the areas where I am weak. Once I have done that, I pay them well and let them do what they do best. You have to give people the chance to succeed by letting them do what they are good at. Like most professions, business is teamwork. It is collaborative. If it’s a one-man show, you can almost guarantee failure.”
There’s a lot more good stuff in this book, so I highly recommend reading it! I checked it out at my local library, but I’m including the amazon link if any one is interested! 
Books are going to be one of the best tools you have in your tool box. They are so essential! The good news is they’re are so many different ones with so many different voices. Find out what ones speak to you, and take it all in! And let me know if you find any really good ones! 
Lots of love!!

9 thoughts on “Book Review: Make Your Own Luck, Success Tactics You Won’t Learn In Business School by Peter Kash

      1. The Louis book contains a *TON* of tricks and tips and insights. Some people do not like it (calling it “disorganized”) but I recommend reading it from cover to cover. Not only will you learn the nuts and bolts of horary, but you will learn concepts and methods that are useful in other areas (including natal). It is a great book, and it really amped up my skills when I read it and put it to use. Louis borrows heavily from William Lily but modernizes it to make it easier to read and understand. A very useful concept is when a planet is in the last three degrees of a sign. That usually means a matter is “settled” and no further change is likely to happen. This becomes very interesting when you find a planet in the last (or first) three degrees in a natal chart (which is different but still worth noting). First three degrees is sometimes called “too early to tell,” and I use it all the time in my posts (not my reblogs but my own work). I got it from Louis, and he got it from Lilly. (Hope that helps.)

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      2. Yes!! It does! What do you think about the 29 degree though? Cause with 27,28 I can see the things are settled, but 29 tends to feel anxious to me, like things aren’t truly done. But very very neat point, about both ends of the three

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      3. The traditional astrologers do more of a “deep dive” into this topic than I do, and so does Louis. I do not think that I can speak to that topic with the degree of expertise that the others bring to the table. That said, the 29 / 0 boundaries are probably best viewed as being alchemical. Said differently, they transmute one type of influence (or “energy” as some describe it) into another. The spark of Aries condenses into the granite of Taurus and so forth. The most powerful of these, I think most would say, is the Pisces / Aries cusp. That is the cusp that can eradicate entire civilizations and build new ones. Before the calendar became out of sync, April 1st marked the Vernal Equinox. If the calendar were back in sync (unlikely to happen), we could say that T. S. Eliot was quite right when he offered that “April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land.”

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      4. Makes perfect sense, and I’ve never heard it described better than being called alchemical. Thank you for your insight!! I really appreciate it 🙂
        It also helps me give people feedback on how to cope with these degrees and use them to their benefit. So thank you!

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