Astrology Answers: What Makes Ellen DeGeneres So Generous?

Growing up, I used to love when my mom would watch Ellen DeGeneres. Like most kids, I wasn’t a fan of the soap operas my mom would watch, or even Dr. Phil, but I loved Ellen DeGeneres! And still do to this day.


 It’s something about her energy. She always gives endlessly to those in need, using her position of wealth to help others. She gives other people opportunities. She loves to dance, and keep things fun. She always keeps things light, and she always stays true to herself.

 Plus, at the end of every show, she leaves us with a very important message: Be Kind.

But what goes into making up someone so awesome, at least from an astrological stand point?

Let’s break it down.

First, let’s start with her Aquarius Sun.

The Sun act’s like a spot light in someone’s chart. It shows what they shine light on, but it’s also shows what someone’s heart looks like.

Aquarius is the water bearer! It gives to those in need. Aquarius represents the collective conscious, and when these people tune into their heart, they’re tuning into what other people need.

Also in Aquarius Ellen has Venus retrograde.

 Venus represents beauty, love, and partnerships. It’s the energy we use when we connect to other people. Because this planet is retrograde, it is actually harder for Ellen to see her own beauty, and to relate to others. BUT, what this also does is it makes it very important for her to understand the properties of love and how to use them in the best way possible. All in Aquarius, her love is about giving. She may not be the type of person to have a lot of close interpersonal relationships, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t bring love to the people at large. And that’s a good thing, for her.

 Then there is Chiron in Aquarius.

Chiron represents deep and unhealing wounds, but also where we get to heal others. Where Ellen has been wounded relates to the group. She didn’t always fit in or wasn’t always accepted by society. She’s gone through some tough times, and it’s through those tough times that she learned the value of being kind to others. Now as she is older, she uses this source of pain to relate to those in need, and even better, heals those she feels called to heal.

Next, we’ll add in her Sagittarius Rising.

The rising sign is how you approach the world. It’s how you meet others, and your attitude towards your path in life.

Sagittarius is expansion. It’s truth, knowledge, wisdom, and luck. It represents the big picture and opportunities. When Ellen looks at life and the path she is walking, she looks towards the bright side, and this coupled with her giving heart, she sees a lot of opportunity, and a lot of room to spread it around. This is perfect in helping her spread the healing too, because as she sees an opportunity, she shares it with those in need.

Now, let’s look at what’s going on with her North Node.

The North Node is the direction of growth one should be striving towards in life. The more someone works within their North Node, the more they blossom and grow.

Ellen has her North Node in Scorpio. Scorpio represents among other things, intimacy and shared resources. In the eleventh house, relating to giving and the people. When she shares her energy with those in her society, she is fulfilling her life purpose. The more she gives to others, the more life will work in her favor.

But also with her North Node is Neptune and Jupiter.

Neptune represents unconditional love, amongst many other things. Having a deep soul level love for those people around her is crucial for her success, but also developing her own boundaries of self. Knowing herself on a soul level, intimately, is so important, as well as drawing boundaries, not letting the wrong people in.

Jupiter represents expansion and luck, a lot like Sagittarius does. So the more she gives, the more she learns, the more she expands, the more she has to give others, the more she finds love for herself, the more she grows and succeeds.

Unfortunately, this energy, her North Node, Jupiter, and Neptune are square her Aquarius Sun and Venus. This means that where she succeeds in giving to others and connecting intimately with who she is, she may clash in heart. Ultimately, I think she wants to belong to the bigger picture, and fit in, but she has to be happy with who she is on the inside to succeed. I also think this is something she has already done, but it may have been something that was hard for her to develop. She’s had to create her own loving space. She’s reconciled who she is with who she wants to be, and in the end, probably found out who she is is exactly who she wants to be. Another good trait of Sag risings, they’re going to be honest with you. What you see is the truth. And the truth is very good.

The Square between the Node and the Sun is also joined in by Uranus Retrograde in Leo, forming a fixed t-square.

Uranus, like Aquarius and the Eleventh house, relate to society. It’s where someone challenges the status quo, but also where they fit in. With Uranus Retrograde, in order to find her place in society, Ellen has to look within first, and pull her connection out from inside. It’s a bit like her Venus, in that to find love for others, she first has to find that love for herself.

 This is in Leo, so she ultimately has a fun and dramatic way of relating to the people, but it also means that relating to the people is very close to her heart, complementing the Aquarius Sun themes mentioned earlier. In fact, her Sun and Uranus are in mutual reception, where the Sun is in the sign Uranus rules and Uranus is in the sign the Sun rules. Having these two planets in opposition as well, creates an interesting balance and dichotomy. She gets to help others by shining, and she gets to shine by helping others.

Now there is many, many other aspects and placements in her chart that makes her such a giving person and these are just a few. 

And of course, like any person, Ellen also has her own set of flaws or things people may disagree with. With Mercury square her Moon, she may be bad at expressing her own emotions, and with the Moon in Aries, she may be very naive in dealing with her emotions, at least early in life. With her Lunar ruler being Mars, conjunct Saturn, with age she gains maturity, but it may have taken some time to grow.

Overall though, Ellen DeGeneres is a wonderfully giving person. She has a such a warm light, and the world has truly been blessed by getting to enjoy all that she has to give. She makes great role model, and I think it’s very obvious why.

ellen degeneres

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