February 6, 2017

Today is a positive day for both your emotions and your heart. If you can make time to be social, this will go really well. If you get any random impulses or ideas, make sure to follow them. There may be something good in store for you if you do. There may be some harsh wounded energy. Don’t forget about how sensitive we can all be at times, even if you aren’t feeling really sensitive right now. These issues still matter. There’s also some great energy for the big picture, although you may have to search more internally to connect to these view points. If you see anything though that may help you with your future security or career, or if you connect with anyone who may be able to help you, take advantage of it. There’s some really positive energies if you make the most of it.

  • Gemini Moon trine Aquarius Sun
  • Gemini Moon sextile Aries Uranus
  • Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune
  • Gemini Moon trine Libra Jupiter
  • Jupiter in Libra goes Retrograde
  • Gemini Moon opposite Sagittarius Saturn


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