1/27 Horoscope

There may be some inner tension between the energy of your relationships and the discipline of your dreams. Try to find a balance, practicing unconditional love as a step towards your dreams, not something that will hold you back. If you get a wave of energy to put in some work, especially anything intuitive or spiritual, let yourself take advantage of this. Early in the morning, the overall emotional energy will shift into something much more innovative and problem solving. Let your heart and your emotions sync up. Connect with other people, connect with yourself. Allow opportunities to rise up and take advantage of them when they do. Today is a great day to move forward in leaps and bounds. Don’t be so afraid you don’t take advantage of it.

  • Pisces Venus square Sagittarius Saturn
  • Capricorn Moon sextile Pisces Mars
  • Moon moves into Aquarius, 3:37 am EST
  • Aquarius Sun conjunct Aquarius Moon, New Moon


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