1/26 Horoscope

Things may feel intense today. Do your best to work hard and push through the blocks. There is regeneration in the air and it smells good. You may be having a harder time with your detached and innovative side. If you get any random urges to move forward, move forward, but only if you are very careful about weighing the future implications of your decision. If you find you act without reason however, that’s okay too. Just do your best to work in your new path with your future goals. You’ll get there when you get there, just some times you’ll move faster than others. It’s also a good day for healing, if you put in some work. The big picture may be harder to see. Work hard to connect with what you want, especially if you are having to adapt your dreams to new changes and regrowth. Lastly, if you take some time to connect with a partner before bed, expect some good things to come. It may just be the relief you need from all the work and effort you went through today.

  • Capricorn Moon conjunct Capricorn Pluto
  • Capricorn Moon square Aries Uranus
  • Capricorn Moon sextile Pisces Chiron
  • Capricorn Moon square Libra Jupiter
  • Capricorn Moon sextile Pisces Venus


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