1/19 Horoscope

Today may have some more difficult energy. Your drive may not be the most disciplined and you may not be the best at acting towards your future. If you can push through this, you’ll benefit greatly. Let yourself see the big picture. This perspective may tell you exactly how you need to correct your direction so that you’re on the right path. Later today, there is some major energy shifts. First, you’ll find that your spot light turns to something much more rebellious. If you are being pulled to dramatically shake things up and break free, this will be why. Look to see how you can add more freedom to your life to help with this. You’ll also find that your emotional energy becomes much more intense and intimate. This may clash with the more detached nature of your general focus right now, so try to find a nice balance if you can.  Let yourself purge and heal anything you need to let go emotionally, and you may actually benefit where your hearts concerned. Being stubborn may not be the best thing right now. While you will have tremendous staying power right now, and that’s such a good thing, make sure you aren’t forgetting about adaptability.

  • Pisces Mars square Sagittarius Saturn
  • Libra Moon conjunct Libra Jupiter
  • Libra Moon sextile Sagittarius Saturn
  • Sun enters Aquarius 4:24 pm, EST
  • Moon enters Scorpio 5:11 pm, EST
  • Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Sun


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