Virgo February Horoscope

*Virgo Sun, Moon, or Risings*

Happy February Virgo! I’ve hope you’ve been enjoying the energy lately. The spot light has been on the little details, which is exactly where your most comfortable. If you get stressed about perfection, spend some time celebrating you and all that who’ve accomplished so far. Don’t be afraid of being human. Just focus on what you need to work on, then put in the work. You’ve been going through a lot of significant changes lately, a lot of loss, and now is the time to work on fixing and improving your daily routine, body, efforts, and general reality to help make this intensity flow as it was meant to. Good things are coming, you just have to create a path for them to flow.

On February 18th, things will shift to focus more on the relationship front, so while working on yourself will still be important, it won’t be the main focus. Use this time to connect to a partner on a very soul level. Let them show you how much love you are truly worth or if you don’t have partner spend some time showing your own self some love. Wherever it’s coming from, you deserve all the love you can get. Shortly into the month you may also find that your relationships seem to have gotten a lot more intimate. If any thing has been coming up for healing, let yourself heal. Now is a great time to open up your heart to some deep love. Don’t be afraid to let yourself get close and intimate, Virgo, with yourself or others. Deep bonds can satisfy you like nothing else. You just have to let them.



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