Taurus February Horoscope

*Taurus Sun, Moon, or Rising*

This may be an unsettling fluid month for you, Taurus, but don’t worry. The fast paced change will be exactly what you need. The general spot light will start out focusing on you career and public image. You may be feeling a lot of tension in the air and pressure to be responsible and well refined. This will end on the 18th when you may find a sudden urge to break free from whatever constraints you’ve been dealing with lately. Spend some time cutting loose, enjoying the pleasure of friendships or social groups. Now is a time for deep awakening, but you’ve got to let whatever is coming your way come in it’s own unique way. Expect some universal help, and be ready to accept a lot of universal help, just not in the way you may have been anticipating. Take note of any new acquaintances or potential connections or networks you may meet as well. Some very important people may be crossing your path exactly when you need them to.

When it comes to love, things may appear to be very quiet, but really they’re not. Now is the time for you to connect with the idea of love in a more spiritual sense.This is a great time to review what has and hasn’t been working for you and your partners in any relationship dynamic you may be engaged in. Ask yourself what fairness and unconditional love means to you. Then make sure you’re doing something about your energy so that it reflects what it is you want to attract. Through this process, you’ll connect with your own inner love which only amplifies how much love you are able to give and receive to and from others.

On the professional front, besides the general spotlight shining focus here for the first half of the month, you’ll also find your mental focus here, at least until the 25th. You may be feeling some pressure on the intimate front, in terms of both personal and relationship intimacy. Now is a great time to connect with others or yourself on a very deep level, but you’ll have to promise to be very serious about dealing with whatever comes up along the way. You may also benefit from breaking down some of your beliefs and world views, especially around Valentine’s Day. There is a lot of potential for some seriously great positive change, but only if you let that change happen. Don’t be afraid of change, and don’t be afraid of connecting with the flow of change, Taurus. You’ll find that it’s endlessly good for you and with you working with what comes your way, not against it, things will flow so much more smoothly. You got this Taurus, all you have to do is to commit and put your heart in it, and you’ll be golden.


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