Scorpio February Horoscope

*Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon, or Scorpio Rising*

This month starts off focusing on your home and emotions, Scorpio. Take some time to connect with your foundations. If you aren’t happy with where you stand, what can you do to work on that? If you do like what your working with, celebrate! Energy will shift and get lighter on February 18th when creating happiness and joy in the moment takes center stage. As with any Scorpio energy however if you have anything you need to clear out and let go, let yourself find some release. Doing so will help you find peace in the moment and that is the most important thing.

On the relationship front things may get a bit more stable and regular.. If you’re trying to balance in anyone’s energy or routine into your own make sure you reflect on what they are doing just as much as you look at what they are doing. Partnerships will act as a mirror to the maintenance you need to work on right now. You already have a lot of energy for this, so don’t be afraid to put in some work. Now is a great time to usher in some harmony with your body, your work, or your daily routine. Don’t be afraid to give this part of your life a little adventure. You never know what kind of wonderful opportunities may pop up along the way.

There may also be a significant need for you to turn inward this month, Scorpio. Take some alone time for yourself when you can, connect with your inner truths, and let that be your fuel for whatever it is you do. You got this Scorpio. We both know it.

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