Pisces February Horoscope

*Pisces Sun, Moon, or Rising*

Happy Birthday February Pisces! This month will start of finishing up your yearly review. Focus on connecting with your soul and what is and isn’t aligned with who you are at your core and the life you want to live. Take a lot of alone time whenever you can afford it. Meditate, recharge, spend some time caring for your self, reflecting on yourself. Then on February 18th your energy levels for putting your light into action dramatically increase. Spend this time working in some of the things you’ve learned about yourself and what you truly need in your life. Find the passion and drive to get things started, because any work you put in now will be greatly appreciated later, and later is definitely something you’ve been thinking about lately Pisces. Don’t let the pressures of the future scare you into inaction. Just put one foot in front of the other, practice some inner discipline, and move forward.

While intimacy and the bonds you have with yourself and others may have been sporadic and powerfully and unexpectedly transformative recently, your relationship bonds will get a lot more stable this month. Be careful not to get too carried away with material assets this month though. Now’s a good time to connect with what it is you value, and if there’s any radical or rapid changes you need to make in your attitudes towards all things material, now’s the time to do it. However it’s not just physical value right now, but also personal worth. Sometimes our physical values can be an important signifier of internal conditions, so don’t just ignore what’s going on around you. Now is the time to ground yourself into something good, so make sure there’s something good to ground yourself in. It will do you wonders.

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