Leo February Horoscope

*Leo Sun, Moon, or Rising*

Leo, your spotlight is on relationships and feminine energy this month. What’s your relationship with love lately? Have you been giving yourself enough attention? Have you been giving your partner their fair share as well? Maybe you have some friends you want to share your love with, or maybe some friends want to help make you feel loved? You may be feeling like there has been a lot of big changes in terms of those you connect with, especially as your own perspectives and beliefs are shifting. You attract energy based off of the energy you’re putting out and lately you’ve been putting in a lot of work into the quality of the vibes you’ve been putting out. This will reflect in your relationships, so if you’re doing good and healing and cutting cords from old connections, you’ll only make way for so much good and new things, even if it feels like loss now.

During the second half of the month, things shift for you and the focus goes from relationships on a very surface level to something much deeper and much more intimate. Use this time to break down the energies you’ve been working with. It’s time for a completely new change, but first you must start clearing out what is still there and shouldn’t be. Let whatever comes up at this time come up, heal it, and then let it go. If you can do this with a partner, even better because it will allow you to strengthen whatever connection you two do share. This may be the ultimate test of healing, as if there is still hurt or fear holding you back that you don’t realize is blocking your way until you see it reflected in your relationship dynamics. Spend time this month working on and investing in you, Leo. Some really great things are coming your way. All you have to do is clear the way. Any hard work will be much appreciated.


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