Gemini February Horoscope

*Gemini Sun, Moon, or Rising*

Your general spotlight this month will continue focusing on your world views and higher knowledge and understanding. This may be a little out of your comfort zone, seeing as how you specialize in short bursts of mentally stimulating energy rather than one long stretch, but if you can let yourselves dive into just one or two subjects taking your understanding of a concept or a belief even deeper, you’ll greatly benefit. Whatever it is you find will give you exactly what you need to know for the next half of the month when on February 18th you’ll probably start feeling a lot more pressure to be responsible. Take time to carefully consider your future and how your present actions influence where you want to be. Use whatever knowledge or wisdom you have gained the first half of the month to help with this and make the changes where you know you need to. This is not a month for you to slack, Gemini, but if you put in the much needed work you’ll be richly rewarded.

You may also be feeling this same pressure from the future on the relationship front, as you have been feeling for the past year or so. Your commitment to others and your partner may be a major question for you lately. If you’re serious about making things work this is a really great energy for you to make that happen. If you let yourself get lazy however, your dynamics will suffer. Use other people as mirrors to your own self discipline, Gemini. This isn’t your typical domain, but don’t let that stop you from showing yourself and others what all you really are capable of. The beginning of this month and even the last few weeks will highlight these themes even more for you. This will shift a little very early into the month, however, when you may get a strong urge for something much more freeing, especially with a partner or from a relationship. The pressured forces have been weighing down on you, so giving yourself the room to follow whatever impulses your energy is asking for is a great idea. You have a lot of energy for this right now on a much more personal front, so don’t be afraid to balance in this side of you in a positive way.

This may also be a good month to turn inward, Gemini, to have fun and to understand what happiness means to you. There’s a lot of room for powerful transformations and releases and there is no reason not to be positive about what’s coming your way. You may meet some interesting and unique people, and you may find yourself propelled forward on a very serious path you are here to journey. Good luck, Gemini, just put in the work when you can and let the rest fall into place like you know so well how to do, and you’ll be more than fine.


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