Capricorn February Horoscope

*Capricorn Sun, Moon, or Rising*

Stability has been on your mind a lot lately Capricorn and rightfully so. Things haven’t been very consistent as you’ve been going through amazing and intense transformations. Expect the first half of the month to be a break from that, even if for just a little while. Focus now on what it is you value and what it is you want more of. What kind of seeds do need to plant now and what weeds should you go ahead and pull to make sure things bloom accordingly? We all know you aren’t afraid of hard work, now’s just the time to make sure your efforts have the right grounding. It maybe a good time to also start looking within to find the truth behind all that you are building. What’s the purpose of it all? What is it truly that you are trying to grow?

On February 18th your spotlight and general focus will lose some of its staying power, but gain a mental or social edge. Take some time to talk to others, work with your thoughts, and get out into the community. Your soul may have a message it’s been wanting to deliver and now is the time to listen.

Your relationship energy may become more emotionally driven. If you’ve been afraid of what’s to come, now is not the time to use your partner as a crutch. Rather it’s good energy for you to turn inward and connect with your own emotional self, even if for just a brief moment. Do something to make yourself feel comforted, then let your partner add on to that security. Only after you’ve  found your own bond with your own inner nurturer can you truly feel nurtured by others. Take some time out this month to focus on the healing and comforting energies of love, you deserve it.

You’ve got a lot on your plate this month energetically. Can you step up to the plate? (You don’t have to answer that, we both know the answer is yes you can.)

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