Cancer February Horoscope

*Cancer Sun, Moon, or Rising*

Your spotlight this month will be shining in a very hidden part of who you are, and while typically you are a very private person, this energy is much more ripe for complete and total inner transformation and shadow work. It may feel like there is a deep heaviness this month, however if you let yourself get in touch with all sides of whats coming up and who you are, the good, bad, and the ugly, you will find a sense of inner healing. Confront your fears and your pain and put it to rest for good. Then, on February 18th, things will start to feel so energetically free and optimistic, allowing you to just move beyond all the heaviness of the first half of the month into something so much greater. Let yourself explore yourself and the world in this moment. Learn and connect with your soul and higher truth, it will help you recognize your worth, value, and the need for the heavier energies you have gone through.

Your relationships may continue to carry on this powerful and transformative energy, even though the spotlight has shifted, however this is nothing new and has been active for the past few years and will continue to be active for a few more. Just let whatever growth you have gone through and are experiencing completely transform you. Let yourself embrace the deeper parts of intimacy and relationships and flourish through this process. This month specifically, partnerships are going to require you to put in a lot more work and discipline. Don’t be afraid to show you are committed to the future of your relationships. You partner will greatly appreciate your dedication and love. If, however, you have a relationship that isn’t working towards your highest good, this may be the time that it is put to the test. If you want things to work out, do what you can to put in the work. You can do anything you set your mind to, Cancer, you just have to set your mind to it. However on the same note, don’t be afraid to let go of someone who isn’t adding anything to your life. Your relationships are going to take a lot of work out of you, so it’s important your partner is working just as hard. Neither side should be slacking.

You’ll also have the need for responsibility on a personal front. You may be having a lot of unexpected changes to your career path. Watch out for anybody or any opportunity that you could possibly use to your advantage and advancement. The help is out there, you just have to be ready to see and accept it. Even though it’s not your typical cup of tea any hard work you do now will go a very, very long way. Don’t be afraid to invest and prepare for the future, because we both know you’ll be so glad you did when you get there.


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