Aries February Horoscope

*Aries Sun, Moon, or Rising*

February may be an active month for you Aries, but with a lot of that energy brewing underneath the surface. The general focus for you will start out being about social groups, friends, networks, or any rebellious energy you may have been dying to get out. Don’t be afraid to release energy that needs to be released. Making changes could be a really great thing for you right now and very much needed, just be responsible with whatever decisions you do decide to make.

On the 18th, things will shift into a much more subtle expression. Take the time between now and your upcoming birthday to focus your past year. What has changed for you? How you have grown? And where do you want to be? Then, next month you’ll get the chance to put all this into action wholeheartedly. You  may be partly ready now, as your active energy is a little ahead of the game. If you get sudden inspiration, don’t be afraid to follow your impulses, but don’t get too ahead of yourself or upset when some aspects of you aren’t just quite ready for full steam ahead yet. They will be soon enough.

On the love front, it looks like there’s some reworking you need to do. Where things may have been flowing well lately, soon it may not be as easy. you’ve spent the past month focusing on what you do and don’t want in your relationships, and what they should or shouldn’t provide for you, or what your partner does or doesn’t want, or what they think should or shouldn’t be provided for. Now is the time to decide how you’re going  to make adjustments to the balanced flow of things. If things get rough, don’t worry!. Just make sure you balance in what you need with what the other side needs. If you find that things just won’t balance out no matter how hard both parties try, don’t be afraid to leave the relationship for something better. It may end up being exactly what both sides need.

On the career front, things may still be just as intense as they have been for a really long while. Just keep sight of the big picture and let whatever comes up, come up. It’s begging you to deal with it, and pushing it away just wont cut it right now. Even though your future security may not be feeling a little less than secure right now, you know deep down you will be fine and you will get through whatever intense changes you have been going through lately. All things will work out exactly as they should, because of you Aries, you just have to have faith in that and yourself. You’re worth betting on. And, if for some reason you aren’t happy with whatever path you are on, don’t be afraid to change it. Good luck.


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