Aquarius February Horoscope

*Aquarius Sun, Moon, or Rising*

Happy February and Happy Birthday (for those of you born in the February half of the sign). This month will continue feeling like a fresh start and a new cycle, so if you still have any new plans you want to put into action now is the time to move forward. It’s also a great time for independence, so do something that you are driven and passionate about doing. Maybe spend some time with friends as well, where you can watch as you light up a room with your uniquely you personality.

On February 18th things will get a bit more grounded. Expect to see some stability in your life and some settling into the energy you were feeling before. Spend this time connecting with what you truly value, not just materialistically either, but from the soul level as well. Once you know what your truly committed to, take the energy from earlier on in the month and ground it. Connect it with something real in you and the world. You want to make your ideas and visions happen, and this is just one step of the process.

On a romantic front things will be getting a lot more social. Allow yourself to connect with the ideas of others and allow them to help you grow and move forward with your own knowledge and thoughts. You’ll have a lot you can learn about yourself and your truth through connecting with others on both a surface or deep level. You are going through a lot of changes right now, so let the joy of love and partnerships help you facilitate that change in a positive and loving way. As fixed as you are, nobody does change quite like you so don’t be afraid of all that you are here to accomplish.

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