Virgo January 2017 Horoscope

Now is a great time for personal finances, but be careful not to get too lazy with your money. Just because it’s always there when you need it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in a little extra effort and really rack up that bank account number. Your intimate relationships have been having some unexpected things pop up lately. You’ll have more energy for this towards the end of the month, so focus on healing anything that comes up and try to loosen up your grip a little Virgo. There’s no need to control your routine that much. Just work with what comes up and heal as you go.

Your relationships overall are going to get a lot more balanced this month, shifting from the previously more detail oriented and critical energy to that of harmony and love. You’ll have a lot of energy for your partners, however if there has been any imbalances you’ve been ignoring or trying to push to the side lately, they’ll probably come up now. Don’t get too frustrated when areas that you want to be harmonious are a little rocky for a while. You’ll get everything flowing peacefully again, and this time things will be much more balanced than they were before.

For the first few weeks you’ll be feeling happy and focused on fun, so don’t be afraid to bring this in to the relationship front. It’s a great time to let yourself get creative as well, so branch out and try something new. This will be a good time to create from the heart something that has tremendous longevity, when done right. Around the three-week mark, you’re going to shift into the same critical energy that your relationships just recently left. While normally this can be a hard time, you tend to do well with the analytical side of things. Just focus on improving one piece at a time. You’re perfect the way you are, Virgo, so just keep working to create the reality that you want most.

On the mental front, your mind starts things off with some backwards energy that is ultimately trying to communicate from the heart in a very fun and pure way. This may not be going as well as you’d like, perhaps your ego is getting too caught up in your message and what really matters isn’t being heard. Don’t worry, because soon your mental focus will shift to your emotional security. Make sure all your needs are met, and do some re-thinking concerning your home and your past. You may have already been feeling some strain here for the past year or so, so don’t be afraid to put in some work. Make sure everything is exactly where it needs to be to make you feel grounded and before you know it your mind will go back to normal and you can go back to fun and creative thoughts and communication for the rest of the month.

This month is a great one for relationships, though you’ll have to be on top of your game. You can’t let the idea of fairness and love slip away from you right now. It’ll help if you focus on having fun, and when you run into a creative block, try to rethink your basic needs. Do something that makes you feel comfortable and get in touch with your most vulnerable energy. Things will be pretty quiet on the career front, but you’ll find that you have enough personal resources to get you through this quiet period. It’s a new year and you’re not quiet sure what to do with it, Virgo, and that’s perfectly okay. We both know you’ll be more than fine. You always are.

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