Scorpio January 2017 Horoscope

This month is going to be focusing a lot on mental energy for you, Scorpio. While you’ll find happiness through communication, socialization, and learning there is also a heaviness and intensity to this energy. Expect your shadow side to come to light, especially the darker side of your thoughts and words. The good news is you’re no stranger to this energy, so just do your best to heal and move on. You may find that your mind is going through powerful transformations. Do what you can to go with the intense changes, using this energy for healing rather than trying to suppress and control what surfaces.

You may find that your mind struggles to flow at the beginning of the year, especially when it comes to basic thought formation and communication. Don’t get upset with yourself if you can’t think or speak like you want too. You’ll benefit greatly from putting in a little extra work in and carefully forming the energy of your mind. Shortly into the month, you’ll find your focusing going back to your values and commitments. Re-think and re-evaluate any ideas or notions you are attached to and ask yourself if these thoughts are the best energy to invest your mind in. If not, switch things up and find out what you do value. That way, when things go back to normal at around the two-week mark, you’ll have a solid grounding for all of your mental energy and any development of thought you have after this point.

Once you get your mind cleared up you should find that you have no problem having fun, and that you have a lot of energy for engaging in happiness. Let yourself embrace your creative side and live from the heart. You may also find that your relationships become another outlet for your light. Allow yourself to connect to someone else on a soul level. You may find yourself gaining a lot of optimism and perspective from doing so. You’ll also find this energy through spending some time alone with your own soul. So much of your energy lies below the surface so let yourself dive in to who you are. You may also find that you benefit from any healing energy at this time. As you go within, things will come up. Whatever is there is showing itself for a reason. Work with it and tap into your true power.

You may have some unexpected energy pop up relating to your routine, health, or work, especially at the very end of the month. You may be much more critical at this point as well, especially of yourself. Whatever is coming up is letting you know that you need to work on something, improve something, so do your best to incorporate what reality may be trying to telling you. If you’re feeling the pressure of perfection, try your best to not stress too much. True perfection isn’t possible anyways. This is a time of self-improvement, so just let your critical energy point you in the right direction of what you need to focus on and you’ll be fine.

Overall, this month is about your heart and your mind, so do your best to heal any energy that may be influencing the expression of these parts of you. Getting in touch with the soul and the essence of energy will also benefit you greatly, so don’t be afraid to expand your understanding of yourself and your soul.

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