Sagittarius January 2017 Horoscope

This month may have you feeling just as restricted as usual lately. Just keep pushing through, embracing your inner discipline and developing a deeper sense of maturity. Now is not the time to avoid thinking about your future, so do what you need to now so you’ll be better off tomorrow. The good news is you might have some favorable connections or ideas pop up seemingly out of nowhere this month. Let these energies help you build up your dreams and secure your future comfort and position in life. Enjoy what a little random socialization or the meeting of strangers can bring to you. You may also be sticking out a little bit more lately, but not in a bad way. Whatever unconventionally you have, let yourself have some fun with it. There is nothing wrong with being different, and right now, you may need the outlet for freedm that being a little rebellious can provide.

Your general focus for most of the month will be on your sense of self worth and material assets, which for the past few years may have been going through some powerful changes. Perhaps you’ve gotten yourself in some tricky debt or have experienced a lot of physical loss. Focus on what you truly value and work towards building up a positive and healthy material relationship between yourself and others. Keep letting go and purging what isn’t serving you and then regrounding yourself in a healthy way. Make sure your garden has fresh and nutritious soil, plenty of sun light, water, and fresh air so that your flowers have the best foundations to grow.

You may also find that relationships become more important to your emotional security, which hasn’t been feeling so secure lately. Perhaps it feels like your connection with home has dissolved, so work to find a sense of inner mother in yourself, giving yourself what it is you need most while not relying on other people for providing what you need. That way, if they can do something to take care of you, it’s an added bonus and not something you need for survival. Take some time as well to let yourself go within and to connect with your soul, and maybe let your partner help you in the process. They may be able to really reflect something to you that you could benefit from understanding on a very deep, feeling level.

Spend some time thinking about your path this month, Sagittarius. Focus on what you want for yourself, what you value, and what kind of future you desire for yourself and the steps you need to take to get there. Let your partnerships reflect your soul back to you, and give yourself time to connect with the more personal and private energies that sit at your core. As long as you put in work, and focus up, you can unlock so many good things this month, so don’t be afraid to invest some energy in yourself and your life. On a big picture scale, things will be going well but moving fast, so just keep the efforts high and you’ll be fine.

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