Leo January 2017 Horoscope

You may find yourself focusing a lot on work and self-improvement for the first part the month. Don’t stress yourself over perfection. We all know you’re perfect already, Leo and the stress really isn’t worth it. Besides, the real strength lies in your ability to adapt and improve as you move through life, not by you trying to achieve a stagnant ideal of what you should be. Use whatever critical energy you have now to point you in the right direction. This energy will shift into something much more diplomatic and relationship oriented about three weeks in to the month. You may find that it’s a bit harder to shine without others around you, but you’ll also find that one-on-one dynamics become the perfect platform for you to express your heart in the happiest of way. Let yourself embrace your feminine side and don’t be afraid of love right now. It’s okay to have a little fun and be a little bit soft, you don’t have to always push yourself so hard.

You may have been feeling like your happiness has been restricted lately, especially if you’re worrying a lot about future security. These are some career defining years for you, but you can’t forget about taking care of the rest of who you are along the way. You’ll find that your month will start off with you focusing on rehashing some of your energy for the little details and that self-analysis we talked about earlier.You’ll start out rethinking how you do you, but then a few days in you’ll be called into rethinking your sense of fun. Fun is who you are Leo, so don’t be afraid to reconnect with this side of you. You can let loose and still take care of business, as long as you know that letting loose really is taking care of business in the long run, especially when you’ve been too stressed to do your best lately. After you’ve had the chance to rethink what it means to be happy and have fun, maybe spending some time talking to children or siblings, you can go back to focusing on improvement and work, but in a way that doesn’t make you lose your light. When your energy gets as fractured as it is now, it’s easy for you to lose sight of the entire picture. Don’t forget how bright your heart is.

Relationships have been a little confusing for you lately and that won’t exactly let up this month. Something is brewing from worlds unknown and you know it. If you want to get a clue of what to expect, spend some time alone and maybe mediate a little. Let your soul speak to you. There are things deep within who you are that you are ready to let go of, and there are pats of you that you are ready to discover. Heal yourself and you’ll find exactly what you need to understand your relationship energies.

You’ll be spending a large part of these month’s energy actively transforming your own path and sense of identity. You’re moving through the world in powerful ways. Go explore, learn, and understand. You’re never going to guess what it is you’ll discover. You’ve had a lot of weight on your shoulders lately, and it’s time for you to get reconnected with yourself and the fire that’s inside you. Shine bright Leo, you know you want to.

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