Gemini January 2017 Horoscope

Early in the month you may feel your relationships develop a more serious tone, Gemini. Maybe you start to connect with a strong authority figure or your already established relationships get some light from the pubic eye. You may be struggling to understand what people want from you, but all that matters is what you want from you. Take some alone time and ask yourself what it is you truly desire, and follow that. This may also clue you in on some big career moves that you may need to be making sometime in the near future. What and when is up to you though.

Your active energy spends most of the month in the same disciplined energy that your relationships pick up. Your energy doesn’t usually have a lot of focus, so don’t try to force yourself too hard. Have a couple different outlets that can build towards your future so that you can jump around as your energy shifts. Right before the month is over, your drive shifts into something that is deeply craving rebellion and a sense of breakthrough. Allow yourself to do something unexpected. Get involved in your community. Do something that gives back in your immediate world, where you shine the brightest. You are challenging the world in just the right way right now and you’re having an easier time acting from the heart and will get a pretty good reaction from other people. Now is the time to be different and provoke some change that you know you and everybody else is ready for.

Your mental energy may be stressing you out the first half of the month, so try not to lose your head. At first you may be feeling like you’re trying to focus on healing some deep psychological wounds that have been seriously effecting your mojo, but things aren’t going as well as you like. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself rethinking your relationships and re-communicating some much needed hot topics. Whatever has been bothering you from deep within has a source coming from your relationship dynamics with others. Don’t worry though, because before you know it, your mind will be moving forward again, you’ll finish up any harmonizing you need to do with others in order to communicate what you know you need to bring to the table. Then, you can go back to work healing all those old wounds. Try not to get too down in the dumps throughout all this, however. Your normally happy and carefree disposition will meet some challenges. Just push through it and you’ll be fine. For a while, you may find that your heart is also caught up in all this heavy energy. You will be going through a sense of death and rebirth, Gemini, but fear not because three-fourths of the way through the month, you’ll be feeling freer then ever.

Take some time during the rest of the month to explore who you are and to explore the larger world you live in. It’s easy for you to get caught up in what’s close and now is a time to challenge that and look at a larger scope. Let the big picture that you see widen your horizons and expand your understandings. This may be a heavy month for you Gemini, but you’ve never been more powerful.

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