Capricorn January 2017 Horoscope

Things may have been feeling weighing heavily on your soul lately, Capricorn. It’s crucial that you’re disciplined in taking time for your self and working with your soul and subconscious. Now is not a good time to avoid going within, or just escaping for escapism’s sake. Meditation, yoga, whatever it is you do to clock out from the world, engage in that energy in a healthy way. You may be going through a lot of very powerful changes lately. Your entire path has been transformed and you may be going through a lot of hardships. Keep pushing through, letting go of what you need to let go and you’ll get exactly where you need to go.

Your mind lately has been focused on those powerful transformations, but you may be having a hard time actually understanding what has been going on in a very direct way. Focus on re-thinking about what has been going on lately and try to come to a new understanding. Shortly into the month you’ll find your mind shifts back into a much more hidden and private part of your mind and subconscious energies. Spend some time here diving into your core energy and what is that your mind truly wants to share with you. That way, when things go back to moving forward again, you can keep going, full steam ahead, on your powerful path.

Relationships will move into a much more social and mentally focused energy this month. Take the time to let your interests fuel how you enjoy yourself and others. The past few weeks you may have had a lot more staying power, so don’t get frustrated with yourself if you just don’t have the same energy as before. If you find you need some space, but still want to interact with others, take some time to spend with friends or get engaged in some community activities. The variety may help you in all the right ways.

Towards the very end of the month, you’ll find your focus on the home and your foundations picks up, so spend some time focusing on your own emotional needs and what gives you comfort. When it comes to the career front, things are going well for you so spend some time focusing on the home front for now. Just focus on going within, and learning more about yourself and the world. Let go of what needs to be released and keep moving forward.

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