Cancer January 2017 Horoscope

You may be feeling like your public image and future security is a little uncertain right now, Cancer. There may be some unexpected authoritative lessons here to teach you something so even though you’re thrown off your guard try your best to respond with responsibility. It will really save you a whole lot of heart ache, which we all know is something you want to avoid. Whatever you do, you can at least be reassured in the fact that you have plenty of lucky energy coming from the home front and your relationships there. For now, let yourself build a stable foundation and let the future reveal itself to you. Life is a mixture of making it happen and letting it happen and for right now career moves are going to have to happen on their own. You’ll find that at the end of the month, things may settle down and you have a lot more energy for the ‘making it happen’ side of things, so don’t be afraid to start putting in work and following your impulses later on. They’re going to lead you exactly where you need to go, so don’t be afraid to build something big right now. It’s all within your power.

Your general focus is going to be your relationships for the first few weeks of the month. During this time, focus on fairness. Typically, this isn’t really your forte so try to work in the other sides point of view. Even if you don’t agree with them, you still have to work with others if you want to get anything done. At times, this may feel like it puts your home front in jeopardy, but remember that you have a lot of supportive energy coming from this area of your life. It’s okay to concede some of the control, it’s okay to be a little vulnerable. People will support you. After this, your heart shifts into a darker part of who you are for the last piece of the month. It’s a time of shadow work. You may be feeling like a lot of things you’d prefer to keep hidden and untouched are starting to bubble up to the surface. Do some healing work. You deserve it.

Your mental energy will be feeling off right now. You’ll probably start the month off focusing on other people and balancing energies, but things aren’t going as well as you’d like them to, even though it feels like things should be going well. Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll find yourself taking a break to focus on self-improvement. Take this time to re-evaluate who you are. You may be feeling extra critical, but use what you are noticing to provoke change. Don’t worry about perfection, just focus on challenging yourself and growing the best way you can. That way, when things straighten out again and your focus returns back to your relationship front, you’ll have an easier time balancing in with other people in a fair way. Sometimes it’s important to know that we are the only ones we can change, so if something isn’t working the way you want it to, you have to look at what it is you are doing. Even if it seems like its other people doing things to you, look to what you are doing that may be provoking them.

You’ve had a lot that has come up between you and partners lately and you may have even experienced an end of a relationship recently, yet you are oddly finding a sense of hope through your partners. Let yourself adventure out into the world now. Move past all of that and work to gain a deeper perspective and understanding of what relationships are and who you are in a relationship dynamic. This is a time of journeying through the soul of another. Be careful to open up your mind throughout this whole experience, because despite how much you’d like to be great at relationships, they really aren’t your forte.

You may be feeling like this month is just not being fair to you. Don’t be afraid to open up a little bit and learn about who you are through some self-reflection and deep seeded healing. You’ll get through things, just know that right now it’s your time to focus on others and your relationship with them, not just your relationship with yourself. Do your best to be selfless, but don’t neglect the self. Be fair to everyone and you’ll be just fine.

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