Aquarius January 2017 Horoscope

Some powerful energy has been brewing underneath the surface for you lately, and you know it Aquarius. You may have been called to go within and let go or to find a deep understanding of your shadow side the past few years. This will be even more highlighted this month, so take this time to shine a light on whats been going on in your world for the past year or so. Really dive in and connect with your soul and what it is you truly desire and what path you’re here to embrace. Now is a good time to set up some plans for how you’re going to start setting things in motion, as well as clearing anything out that may be holding you back because come January twentieth, things are about to get rolling full speed ahead. You may also be feeling like your mind wants to focus on these similar energies, but it’s been having a hard time doing so. Understanding the hidden meaning of things may be more difficult, but shortly into the month your mind will be pulled back into a more social sphere. Let what ever unusual or innovative thoughts or conversations pop up and happen. Then, when things get moving forward again, you’ll have an easier time going within and focusing on your soul because of the new and unique insights you have gained.

Even though you may have something to gain, things may not be going so well for you on the friends and social front. Be disciplined in the connections you make. Work hard to think about how the future plays a role in what you want for the world and yourself. Figure out how to work towards the future you think we need, and put in the work. The good news is you should be having time seeing the big picture right now, so hold on to that powerful energy. The more you spend working with ideas and the world at large, the more helpful epiphanies will pop up. Do what you can to incorporate them in a positive way, and don’t be afraid to experiment, just do so in a mature way. This is some powerful energy for you Aquarius, if you just put in the work. Doing something to connect to the collective or to invest in some humanitarian work will also help, so don’t be afraid to get out into the world and do something for the greater good.

On the relationship front, you may be feeling fiercely independent or you could have just started a new relationship cycle recently. Focus on what you really want out of your partnerships and how balance and harmony may play in on your path and journey. Don’t forget about the other side though. Make sure you are doing enough for them too. A couple days in, things get a lot more serious as things start to settle down and commitment starts to flow. Now is a great time to find what you value and make it happen. It’s a great month for grounding your energy, so let yourself plant some roots and find some stability, even if it’s only temporary.

Overall, discipline is going to be your best friend this month, as well as the ability to change and grow forward. Try to be flexible, but also try to be ambitious as well. Both traits will serve you well, and if partnerships aren’t exactly what you want right now, don’t worry. They’ll get there.

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