Pisces Jupiter


*Pisces Jupiter birth dates listed below

Jupiter in Pisces people tend to expand in a diffuse way. Anything that lets them get in touch with their soul becomes enriching. Their ability to expand doesn’t have boundaries, it’s just pure soul stuff. Because of this its important for these people to embrace solitude and the recharging and enlightening power of alone time.

These people have a deep intuitive power. They can pick up on other people’s energy with ease, but it’s important for them to not get other people’s energy mixed up with their own. Sense there are no boundaries, it’s easy to get things blurred. Understanding themselves on a profound level will help and open them up to being able to share what they learn with others.

These people may have wild imaginations, often using their day dreams to explore the world. Their dreams are adventurous and often have lots of intuitive messages. Sometimes they feel like in order to see the big picture, they must escape from reality and retreat within. They can be prone to escapism so it’s important for them to not over do it. There is nothing wrong with taking a break, but when they return their break needs to be more beneficial than detrimental.

Their perspectives tend to be very empathetic, focusing so much on others at times that they abandon their own vision for the sake of their loved ones. It’s important they embrace their own thirst for more, and not others, to truly gain an understanding of how they can benefit others. They will have a large need for healing others and sharing what they have learned on their own healing journey, and they’ll have a great ability to do so, but only after they heal themselves. Any spiritual or dream work will take these people very far, and mediation along the way can do them wonders.

If these people pursue higher education, they’ll enjoy a program that deals with people on an emotional and very personal level, perhaps something that gives them the freedom to heal other people and their souls. They may not be the type to share all of their experiences in detail with others, preferring to keep things subtle, working from a more background and energetic place.

If they engage in any spiritual beliefs, they will tend to gravitate towards systems that differ from what they grew up in, but something that is still deeply empathetic. They are the type of people who would embark on a spiritual pilgrimage, traveling around the world to find inner peace or an understanding of unconditional love. Experiences, adventure, and exploring is what allows these people to develop the connection to their soul and the world that they so desire. If these people are struggling with optimism, it’s often because they are having trouble making a true connection to who they are at their purest forms. It’s very important that these people have freedom of self exploration and the soul.

Some famous Pisces Jupiter people are: Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga, Leonardo Da Vinci, Megan Fox, Robert Pattinson, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Drake, Penelope Cruz, Issac Newton, and Sigmund Freud.

  • 1938 May 1-Jul 28, Dec 29-Dec 31
  • 1939 Jan 1-May 10,Oct 29-Dec 19
  • 1950 Apr 15-Sep 13, Dec 1-Dec 31
  • 1951 Jan 1-Apr 20
  • 1962 Mar 25-Dec 31
  • 1963 Jan 1-Apr 2
  • 1974 Mar 8-Dec 31
  • 1975 Jan 1-Mar 17
  • 1986 Feb 20-Dec 31
  • 1987 Jan 1-Mar 1
  • 1998 Feb 4-Dec 31
  • 1999 Jan 1-Feb 11
  • 2010 Jan 17-Jun 5, Sep 8-Dec 31
  • 2011 Jan 1-Jan 21
  • 2021 May 13-Jul 27, Dec 28-Dec 31
  • 2022 Jan 1-May 9, Oct 28-Dec 19

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    1. I would think it could! If you want to read the Aries Jupiter post, it may be similar energy. But with a first house placement, that planets energy becomes your identity. You have a very expansive and lucky identity, but with Pisces it takes you going within who you are to trust your intuition and where it is leading you. Follow that, and you’ll find your luck and fortune 🙂

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