Aquarius Jupiter

*Aquarius Jupiter birth dates listed below

Aquarius in Jupiter people tend to have a lot of energy for originality. They expand through pragmatic energy, focusing on solutions to problems and unique approaches to experiences. Where they grow themselves they rebel against the status quo and the way things are traditionally done. They often find themselves initiating and originating big ideas that others haven’t seen or heard of before.

They tend to be very socially oriented, finding they learn a lot about the world through groups, societies, and the individuals that make up groups and societies. They may like going on adventures with friends or they find they have a lot of connections made through travel or higher education. They may also find they have an easy time networking or forming friendships. It’s through these social avenues that the learn about the world. They may also attract friends or connections that differ a lot from their own culture or perspective of things.

Aquarius Jupiter people usually have atypical beliefs and perspectives of things. They use their ability to see the bigger picture to challenge humanity. Their ideas will always stand out from the crowd, so they have to be okay with being different. They aren’t they type of people to have a strong mainstream following, but rather they attract others who have an experimental mind like theirs and can actually entertain the ideas these people come up with.

These people tend to find luck when they pursue something that others may disapprove of, opportunity lies in the weird for them. They may also have a lot of energy for humanitarian efforts. They learn a lot about the world by trying to solve its problems, on whatever scale they chose. They tend to have the ability to help others with little effort, so if they desire to do big things, they’ll have an easy time doing so.

If they pursue higher education, they tend to pick something unexpected to study, or they pick a society oriented or experimental program. They are great at thinking with their heads and connecting to people in a pragmatic way, so anything that puts their originality to good use will do them good. They need to have the freedom to play around with knowledge and understanding, otherwise they don’t really expand as much as they could potentially.

If these people travel, they probably like going to weird or unexpected places. They may enjoy going to systems that differ from their own. It’s through differing communities and cities in which they expand their understanding of what could be in a more successful society, and a more successful society is often what they focus on. They may find they stand out in foreign places however and will benefit from a strong sense of self because others may have a harder time being attracted to their energy. At times they can be stubborn, especially in their belief systems. Once they find a system that works for them, they tend to stick with it. At least until they find a system that completely proves their original ideas wrong. To them, learning is an experiment, so it’s okay to get things wrong sometimes, as long as they are also willing to abandon ideas that don’t work when they need to.

Some famous Aquarius Jupiter people are: Barack Obama, Marilyn Monroe, George Clooney, Albert Einstein, Lana Del Rey, Meryl Streep, Jim Carrey, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Queen Elizabeth II, and Kylie Jenner.

  • 1937 Dec 19-Dec 31
  • 1938 Jan 1-May 13, Jul 29-Dec 28
  • 1949 Apr 12-Jun 26, Nov 30-Dec 31
  • 1950 Jan 1-Apr 14, Sep 14-Nov 30
  • 1961 Mar 15-Aug 11, Nov 3-Dec 31
  • 1962 Jan 1-Mar 24
  • 1973 Feb 23-Dec 31
  • 1974 Jan 1-Mar 7
  • 1985 Feb 6-Dec 31
  • 1986 Jan 1-Feb 19
  • 1997 Jan 21-Dec 31
  • 1998 Jan 1-Feb 3
  • 2009 Jan 5-Dec 31
  • 2010 Jan 1-Jan 16
  • 2020 Dec 19-Dec 31
  • 2021 Jan 1-May 12, Jul 28-Dec 27


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