12/31 Horoscope

Happy last day of 2016! In terms of astrological energy, there really isn't much going on today. Take some time to be pragmatic if you can, experimenting with different ideas and energies, but don't get too crazy. As the last day of the year, it's a great time for reviewing what all happened this year [...]

12/30 Horoscope

You may be struggling for freedom today, especially early on. Push through it and you'll see that you're freer than you think. Take some time to be alone, to get in touch with your soul and how you may be creating your reality. Late tonight, you'll be feeling more rebellious. Do something out there, but [...]

12/29 Horoscope

Overnight, you may be feeling emotionally active. Take the time to go inward and focus on what you need to feel secure. The energy for the unconventional becomes more direct for the first time in several months. You should have an easier time embracing your originality now so don't be afraid to be different. If [...]

12/28 Horoscope

You may wake up feeling an air of responsibility. Your mind and heart may also sync up, use what comes up to build for tomorrow. Later, you'll have the energy to put your ideas into action. Take advantage of it. Later tonight, your mind syncs up with your emotions. You may have a harder time [...]

12/27 Horoscope

You'll have a better time with your self-assertion this morning than you did yesterday. Later today you'll be feeling rebellious in a positive way. Embrace the big picture and build towards the future, starting with working on your foundations. Later tonight, there will be some good relationship energy so take the time to enjoy the [...]

12/26 Horoscope

You may be feeling a little angry this morning, do what you can to assert yourself, but don't get too carried away. Something uprooting may happen that changes your perspective on things. Try not to get too disillusioned. Allow your mind to work with the uncertain. It has a better flow than your emotions do [...]

12/25 Horoscope

Merry Christmas! You may feel a clash in relationships early in the morning, but a little later you'll get a sense of optimism through your partner. Something unexpected may come up between you and them that'll be beneficial, so don't fear surprises. Your future security will come into play in helpful ways. Later tonight, the emotional [...]

12/24 Horoscope

You may have some helpful dreams over night. Pay attention to what you're thinking about right now. If it's on your mind, it's for a reason. Later tonight your need for future security will be benefited by your perusal of your own unique path.  Embrace yourself and watch as the things that no longer serve you [...]

The Nodal Axis

This is going to deviate a little bit from my normal posts, and show a little bit more of a personal side of who I am. Which is probably fitting since my north node is in raw as it gets Scorpio. One thing I hate about certain types of astrology is that to some people [...]

12/23 Horoscope

Things might be emotionally intense starting this morning. Use this energy to open up to someone you love. Later today, your heart and your emotions will work together, so allow whatever you opened up about to clear the way for some career move. Things shift, and you may feel urged to embrace some independence . [...]